Featured Projects

By Asociación Salvadoreña para la Integracion y Desarrollo Humano

Establish a tattoo removal clinic to improve labor and social opportunities for people who are stigmatized and discriminated against for having artistic tattoos

Latin America
Arts and Culture, Civic Participation, Health, Rights, Economic Development, Migrant Communities, Violence...
raised by 0 donors
goal $5,000

By Surgeons of Hope

Every 30 seconds a child is born with a genital heart diseas. Surgeons of Hope sends volunteer medical teams on life-saving missions

Latin America
raised by 0 donors
goal $5,000

By New Mexico Immigrant Law Center

NMILC is making access to justice affordable for New Mexico’s immigrants and aspiring citizens and to promote knowledge of legal rights.<

Health, Rights, Economic Development, Migrant Communities, Violence Prevention
raised by 57 donors
goal $1,000

By New Mexico Immigrant Law Center

Help NMILC keep New Mexican families united!

US South, US West
Rights, Economic Development, Migrant Communities
raised by 20 donors
goal $500

By New Mexico Immigrant Law Center

We will seek access to health care for uninsured immigrant children who have been abused, abandoned or neglected.

US West
Health, Migrant Communities
raised by 211 donors
goal $2,000

By 12 PLUS

Empower Latino youth in Philadelphia (Kensington) to succeed in postsecondary opportunities through meaningful personal relationships

US Northeast
Education, Youth Development
raised by 26 donors
goal $4,000

By Aspire! Afterschool Learning

Aspire! Afterschool Learning provides intensive, out-of-school services to 80 low income students in 3rd-5th grades.

raised by 32 donors
goal $5,000

By Residencia San Vicente de Paul-Cabral Obregón

Help us provide a Warm and Cozy Winter to 43 Granny´s through clothing and weathering their house.

Civic Participation, Health, Rights, Violence Prevention
raised by 56 donors
goal $3,000

By Federación de Michoacanos del Norte de California

Building a road to progress in Patzimaro

Economic Development
raised by 6 donors
goal $1,000

By SHARE El Salvador

We will educate churches and communities so that they will open their doors to Central American refugee children and families.

US South
Civic Participation, Rights, Education, Migrant Communities, Legal Reform
raised by 89 donors
goal $2,500

By San Miguel School

San Miguel is a Lasallian middle school dedicated to transforming Latino lives and breaking the cycle of poverty through STEM-based education

US Northeast
raised by 44 donors
goal $4,900

By East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

Support asylum-seekers to rebuild their lives in the United States.

US West
Rights, Economic Development, Migrant Communities, Youth Development
raised by 36 donors
goal $5,000