10 Things You Can Do TODAY to Improve Our World

By Mitzi Hernandez Cruz

The world is a big place, and every day it seems to get more complex. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and to give up hope that positive change is possible.

But we can all help each other out with small acts of kindness or generosity, and we can all help make a positive change to better our communities.

That’s the inspiration behind #GivingTuesday, a global movement that rallies the public to support a social cause in the season of giving. And it’s the reason HIPGive is running the #LatinosGive campaign for social impact projects throughout the Americas on this November 29th.

If you want to participate in #GivingTuesday but aren’t sure how, here are 10 amazing nonprofits throughout Latin America that need your support to continue their vital work:

1. Mexico: Inclusive Education

Inclusive education in Guatemala

Education is lacking in many Latin American countries, and in many communities the funds dedicated to it are insufficient. The problem is even worse for deaf and blind children. Many universities don’t have programs allowing those children to study. But the Universidad Politécnica de Santa Rosa Jauregui makes sure that classrooms are equipped and that staff are trained to ensure that no one is left out of a university education. Support their project!

2. U.S.: The Latino Vote


We just witnessed historic elections in the U.S., and the role of Latinos clearly wasn’t enough. More work is needed to ensure Latinos are empowered to participate in U.S. democracy. That’s why Mi Familia Vota has registered 19 million voters, and why they’ll keep working on civic engagement even after this year’s election. The organization makes calls and goes door-to-door to talk directly to people in the community to create interest and commitment to the political process and to keep them updated on the new reforms that will come under the new administration. Support this vital effort!

3. Guatemala: Giving Smiles


As part of the global movement that’s helping children with harelip, this project will raise funds to support the surgery that helps kids stay alive. Mortality rates among children with harelip are high, since complications associated with the condition can cause death if untreated before infants turn one year old. Support this project now!

4. El Salvador: Peace and Education


The Asociación de Religiosos Mercedarios provides education to help children with technology, English, and arts and culture. Your support can help them expand their programs and get little ones off the streets in risky areas and into the classroom. Support them today!

5. Guatemala: A Window into Autism


By donating to the Neurological Institute of Guatemala, you can help 120 autistic children who need specialized attention and education. The Institute aims to create a therapy center so that children without other options can get the support they need. Help these children today!

6. Mexico: Confronting Fear


Chronic illnesses are terrible for everyone, but developing one when you don’t have money to treat it is a truly scary situation. Galilea 2000 A.C. gives people with renal failure the help they need by providing dialysis. Support this important project!

7. U.S.: Financial Progress for the Future


Even when people are able to get a good job, often they don’t have the financial education necessary to save for their futures. There’s not much of a saving culture among Latin Americans, so Prosperity Works teaches children to manage bank accounts and advocates for legislation that supports the advancement of multi-generational savings and wealth in the Latino community. Help this program succeed!

8. Guatemala: Kick Out Cancer


Cervical-uterine cancer is the top form of cancer in Guatemala, and the type that causes the most deaths among women. WINGS Guatemala provides much-needed detection and treatment. And their results have been incredible: the mortality rate has dropped 90 percent among patients that they treat on time. Just $10 USD can keep a woman alive and with her children. Support the project now!

9. U.S.: A Success Mentality


This three-year program for 50 Latino youth provides vocational training and coaching to help them become leaders and powerful voices in their communities. The Scholars’ Latino Initiative helps Latino youth deal with issues related to their migratory status so they can focus on their individual growth. Show your support!

10. Mexico: Returning to Regenerate the Community


In one of the poorest states of Mexico, various youth have made the awesome effort to get to college. But the incomes of families in the Chiapas region aren’t sufficient to support continuing education, especially given the costs associated with traveling out of the region. By supporting this project you’ll help these young professionals continue their studies and return to help their communities. Make a difference today!