5 Ways to Grow Your Audience in Time for #LatinosGive

With so much focus on developing the pitch and the creative assets for crowdfunding campaigns nowadays, one aspect is often overlooked: the crowd. All things being equal, success often comes down to a numbers game. Put simply, the more potential supporters you can contact, the more likely you are to raise the funds you need.

In an ideal world, you would already have a huge online community and thousands of committed donors in your data base, right? But if you’re like most of us, racking your brains last minute to make sure your campaign finds its way to newer, bigger audiences, then look no further. Here are five simple things you can do between now and November 27th to grow your #LatinosGive audience and get them ready to give on #GivingTuesday.

1. Update your database

Don’t work with out-of-date and incomplete email lists. Ask all your colleagues to include their contacts’ names and emails in a single, user-friendly database. In addition, when sending bulk emails, be persistent: track your email results and don’t be afraid to resend an important email to those people who didn’t open it the first time around.

2. Show you care on social media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great places to grow your audience fast, but don’t forget to engage your current followers too. On average, each post by a nonprofit on Facebook reaches only 7% of its fans (Source: M+R Benchmarks) so don’t be afraid to pay for promotion on key posts and make sure you’re replying to comments and engaging with your followers in conversation.

3. Go offline

The launch of a new campaign can be newsworthy and attract great coverage if you get the right angle. Share your campaign in a press release or ask for interviews on local TV and radio. You can also invite local businesses to partner with you and raise money for the campaign as their #GivingTuesday action.

4. Recruit your ambassadors

Ask each member of staff or, even better, the Board, to map out which of their contacts have access to large audiences and/or are the most influential. Then ask them to give you a few shout-outs in the days before and on #GivingTuesday and provide them with a clear call to action to drive visits to your campaign page.

5. Don’t forget to warm up your audience

Not everyone likes a surprise and it’s hard to request a contribution from somebody who’s hearing about a project for the first time. Use the time between now and November 27th to prepare your followers: send out a “save the date” email and gradually build up the frequency of your posts on social media.

If you’re interested in finding out more ways to boost your #GivingTuesday campaign, check out our #LatinosGive 2018 Toolkit full of practical tips and useful templates that you can copy, adapt and use straight away.


Anita spreads the word about HIP’s crowdfunding platform HIPGive and helps nonprofits achieve successful campaigns.

An honorary Latina who is raising her kids in Mexico, she feels more committed than ever to creating positive change in the local community, country, and region as a whole.