7 Tactics to Maximize Your Mobile Fundraising Potential

With new technology bringing so much potential for online fundraising, it can seem overwhelming to try to keep up with all the new trends and options.

Taking advantage of these opportunities is immensely important to maximize your fundraising potential!

One of the major fundraising trends growing in popularity today is mobile giving.

Most people have mobile devices, making mobile giving highly convenient for your on-the-go supporters.

If your nonprofit is ready to maximize your mobile giving potential, check out these top 7 fundraising strategies:

  1. Provide Text-to-Give Options
  2. Give a Variety of Donation Options
  3. Provide a Matching Gifts Database
  4. Keep Track of Past Donors
  5. Use Social Media for Promotions
  6. Host Fundraising Events
  7. Optimize Mobile Giving Pages

Online fundraising campaigns are great for desktop givers, but can be even more effective when optimized for mobile devices too.

These 7 mobile fundraising tactics will immensely boost the potential of your mobile fundraising efforts.

1. Provide Text-to-Give Options

One growing giving method that has been recently employed by many organizations is text-to-give software.

Text-to-give software works with your online donation platform to make it quick and easy for supporters to donate directly from their mobile device.

Text-to-give works in a few easy steps:

  1. Your organization sets up a number for your supporter to text.
  2. After texting, that supporter receives a prompt to send in a donation, in the form of a quick link to a donation page.
  3. That supporter clicks the link and selects their donation amount to give to your organization.

Include the text-to-give number in social media pages, in event announcements, newsletters, etc. to get the word out to your supporters.

Many people can text quicker than they can talk, so tell them how to put this skill to good use!

2. Give a Variety of Donation Options

When you offer mobile giving, invite supporters to contribute through giving tools that work for them.

You may choose to use different fundraising strategies such as donation pages, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, fundraising events, or text-to-give.

To collect gifts for different campaigns, you can offer varied giving options to supporters.

For instance, you may choose to share:

  • An alternative to Paypal. There are many ways to optimize mobile giving pages, so don’t limit yourself! Make sure your giving pages are accessible and visually appealing for supporters to access from a mobile device or a desktop.
  • Fundraising emails. Many people use their phone to check their email on a regular basis. Sending an email with giving options is a great way to encourage mobile giving among your tech-friendly supporters.
  • QR codes. Set up a QR code to be scanned by your supporters’ phones. This code can lead them directly to a donation page, a crowdfunding campaign, or even your website to help them learn more about donating.

Different people have different comfort levels with their mobile devices. Offer various options for donation appeals to those who may be experts with smartphones as well as those who may not.

In addition to comfort levels, offering different options for donations also appeals to people with different mobile access. From iPads to smartphones, you want to make sure your supporters always have a way to give.

3. Provide a Matching Gifts Database

Offer a matching gifts database on a mobile-optimized site to make it easy for mobile givers to see if they are qualified for one of these popular programs.

Matching gifts programs are programs offered by companies to support philanthropic causes. Many companies offer to match a certain proportion of their employees’ donations to nonprofits or to various causes.

What does this mean for you? It means that you could be receiving double the donations from your mobile givers!

By connecting your mobile supporters with a matching gifts database, you can conveniently steer them toward matching gifts instead of hoping they’d research that information on their own through their desktop.

Matching gifts databases show the parameters and eligibility standards for these programs in only a few simple steps:

  1. Embed the matching gifts database to your mobile-optimized website.
  2. Encourage supporters to consult the database when donating.
  3. The supporter types in the name of their employer.
  4. The database does the rest. It give the information about any available programs and provides a link to utilize them.

Matching gifts are a great way to maximize the donations you already receive without asking your supporters for a second or third donation.

A matching gifts database also takes the hassle out of mobile research. Researching on a mobile device is difficult due to the smaller screen. If a user does know about matching gifts, they may choose not to do this research in order to have a more simplified giving experience.

However, if you provide a matching gifts database, you ease this research process for your donor. An easier process increases the likelihood the donor will check for a matching gifts option.

4. Keep Track of Past Donors

Make sure you have the capability to connect with past donors to keep your connections alive and encourage them to continue donating through mobile channels.

Keep track of your past donors, the amount they’ve donated, personal information, and which mobile channels they prefer for giving.

You can organize all this information in one place! Companies like Salsa Labs offer donor management software in order to optimize the relationship-building process.

Once you have this information, it is much easier to connect with your donors to:

  • Emphasize certain mobile giving channels.
  • Thank your donors for their support for mobile donations.
  • Send targeted text messages to the phone numbers collected from donors.
  • Recruit volunteers for different events at your nonprofit.

Organizing all the personal information of your donors will make communication easier, but can also make communication more effective.

When you know which mobile giving channels are the most popular among groups of people or at different times of the year, you can better adjust your marketing schedule to appeal to this popular opinion.

For example, if you find that younger donors give more often using text-to-give software, you may choose to segment your email list by age to tell younger donors about new text-to-give opportunities.

5. Use Social Media for Promotions

Many people, especially younger audiences, are known for frequently checking social media pages on mobile devices.

Using your social media accounts to spread the word about your nonprofit is a great way to appeal to younger supporters and drive mobile giving.

Having trouble getting started? Here are some ideas on how to grab donors’ attention on social media:

  • Post photos to Instagram from your in-person events to encourage people to register and come out.
  • Create a promotional video for donations to post on Facebook or Youtube and encourage your supporters to give.
  • Create a hashtag for your supporters to use in their posts. Encourage them to use this hashtag on their personal accounts and even to brand their post to match your nonprofit.

Include a link to a donation page along with all these ideas. Social media can be a powerful marketing tool for mobile giving.

Supporters have the option to share and repost your posts in order to help your nonprofit reach a larger audience. Take advantage of this unique quality on social media.

6. Host Fundraising Events

Emphasize mobile giving options at your in-person events!

Combining mobile giving and fundraising events like this encourages giving from people who are already supporting your cause by showing up to the event.

Your nonprofit could emphasize mobile giving at your next event by:

  • Making an announcement at the event about text-to-give options and give out the number.
  • Offering a prize to the 100th person to donate at the event using their mobile device.
  • Hosting a silent auction at the event and offering a mobile bidding option for payment.

All these options are excellent ways to encourage more donations from the attendees of your events.

The audience at your in-person events is likely not going to have a computer to donate online, but they likely have a cell phone with them.

This option is also highly effective because you’re already at the forefront of your donors’ minds when they are attending your event.

7. Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Website

With so many ways to access the internet, your organization should be prepared for your audience to donate with any device no matter where they are.

Many websites are difficult to navigate when they are pulled up on a small smartphone or tablet device.

To remedy this navigation issue, optimize your organization’s entire website for mobile users.

This means you should be focused to ensure that:

  • Every page on your desktop website is optimized. Donors who go to your website first may want to read a bit about your organization before donating. Make it easy for them to read on any device!
  • Your donation pages are all mobile optimized. In addition to your standard donation page, remember to also optimize your crowdfunding fundraiser page. Be sure to use a crowdfunding platform that offers these options.
  • All of your images are compressed and fit a mobile screen. Trying to scroll across a mobile screen to see entire images can be very annoying. Make sure the images on your website will change sizes with the screen.

Ensuring your website is mobile-optimized and ready for donations makes donating easier for your supporters, meaning more people will successfully give to your cause.

Bonus! Not only should your nonprofit optimize its site for mobile users, but it should also apply some tried-and-true web security best practices to keep your supporters feeling secure. Check out Swoop’s top WordPress security plugins to get this process started.


Maximize your mobile giving potential to gain access to your donors on-the-go. These options make giving quick and easy for your supporters, ensuring your fundraising efforts are that much more effective.

Author: John Killoran

John Killoran is CEO of @Pay, an exciting new fundraising technology that makes it easy for people to donate in two clicks from text, email, web and social media sites.  John pioneered SMTP payments and has been a major innovator in the mobile payments space for the past 5 years.     When he is not running a company, he is cooking food for his family and telling his dogs to stop barking.