Crowdfunding Tip: Engaging Donors with Social Media

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It’s time for another crowdfunding tip! This time, we have ten tips in one. We’re going to give you a few different ideas to use for you to engage with donors through social media throughout the duration of your campaign (and beyond).

First we’ll give you five tips for engaging with donors on Facebook:

  • Use photo and/or video when you post updates. This increases the likelihood of your post being seen.
  • Always reply to comments left on your Facebook updates.
  • Comment on, and “like” other content on Facebook to increase the visibility of your cause.
  • After your campaign is over, be sure to post updates on Facebook to show donors the impact they’ve helped to make in the community.
  • Ask your Facebook fans to share your posts. Make this easy by creating an image or video that is easy for people to share in their networks.

And here are five tips for engaging with donors on Twitter:

  • Choose a hashtag for your campaign and encourage your donors to use it to help raise visibility.
  • Use the Twitter search feature to monitor your hashtag so you can see when anyone has used it, and reply accordingly.
  • Tag influencers on Twitter in your updates and ask for their support in spreading the word about your cause.
  • Post daily updates about funds raised and how close you are to reaching your goal. Thank those who have given to the cause.
  • After the campaign has ended, post frequent Twitter updates about the impact being made, thanks to the generosity of donors.

Bonus tip! Don’t forget to link back to your campaign! And use a link shortener so you have your updates as short as possible to encourage Retweeting!

Also, don’t forget to tag @HIPGive so we can help you by sharing some of your posts with our networks.

Do you have more social media tips to share with anyone using crowdfunding as a means to source funds?