Elevate Your Fundraising Campaign with Social Media: 4 Ways

If your nonprofit is searching for a way to engage with donors in anticipation of your upcoming fundraising campaign, look no further than social media. While these sites tend to be associated with younger generations, widespread smartphone use ensures that almost everyone has a profile on at least one of the major platforms.
Donors love to give to organizations to which they feel personally connected, and social media allows you to interact with both your current and potential supporters on the individual level. Whether you’re a social media novice or seeking to expand your organization’s presence on one or more platforms, we’ll help you maximize the impact of these sites on your fundraising campaign by teaching you how to:

  1. Promote text-to-give service as a fast way to donate.
  2. Connect more online supporters to your donation page.
  3. Encourage your donors to pledge their support.
  4. Launch a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

A strong social media presence fosters stronger relationships between your organization and your donors and facilitates faster and more frequent donations. Let’s begin by taking a look at how you can use social media in connection with text-to-give service, one of the fastest and easiest donation methods around.

1. Promote text-to-give service as a fast way to donate.

Donors who encounter your organization or your current fundraising campaign via social media are likely interacting with you on their smartphones, so give them the opportunity to support you as soon as they find you! Make donation easy by providing your supporters with text-to-give instructions in your social media posts!

Text-to-give is a fast way to donate that your supporters can use anywhere and at any time. First, your organization selects software that provides text-to-give service. Once you’re all set up, the simple process works like this:

Step 1: Your organization receives a designated text-to-give number, which you can share with your social media followers in posts and in a permanent location on your organization’s page or profile.

Tip for Instagram users: Post a picture of a sample phone screenshot that shows your organization’s text-to-give number and illustrates the donation process. Your supporters will see how easy it is to give, and you’ll have made great use of one of the most popular social media platforms.

Step 2: Your donors text the amount they wish to give to the number. In return, they’ll receive a link to an automatic email that confirms their donation once they send it.

Step 3: Your donors click the link to send the email and confirm their gift! With two-tap technology, they’ll only need to enter basic payment and personal information prior to making their first donation. After that, they can choose to save this information to create an account and complete all subsequent donations by simply entering their gift amount and sending the email!

Text-to-give service makes donating easy and convenient for smartphone users. Since we’re only seeming to grow more attached to our smartphones, it’s clear that text-to-give is a major component of the future of donation, as are other forms of online giving. To encourage your social media followers to begin or increase their support, ensure that your online donation page is readily accessible and easy to use.

2. Connect more online supporters to your donation page.

The most important links on your social media pages are those that direct your followers to your online donation page. As supporters from all generations become comfortable giving online and increasingly prefer this method of donation, it is essential that your donation page is quick and easy to find and use.

When your organization combines the right online donation tools for your needs with a social media strategy illustrating just how easy it is to give online, your fundraising campaign will flourish. To make the most of your donation page, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Minimize the distance between your social media profiles and your donation page. Followers who want to support your organization should be able to reach your online donation page within one click of your profile. Want to remind your social media fans that they can give online? Share the link to your donation page in a post.
  • Keep your donation page simple by limiting required fields. Your donors expect that online giving will be a fast and easy process. Ensure that this is the case by limiting the number of required fields to the essential payment and personal information. Want to know more about your donors? You can provide additional fields, but make them optional.
  • Make it easy for your donors to create accounts by saving their information. Your supporters shouldn’t have to remember a username and password every time they want to give. Head over to Snowball Fundraising to learn how you can offer them the option to create an account by saving their payment and personal information after they make their initial donation. This way, all they have to do to give again is enter the amount they wish to donate and submit!

Creating and sharing your easy-to-use online donation page is an essential component of an effective social media strategy for your next fundraising campaign. It’s also a great way to accept donations all year round! If your organization is looking for a more time-sensitive way to build excitement on social media, consider a pledge or peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

3. Encourage your donors to pledge their support.

Making the donation process simple by offering text-to-give service and online giving is the first step in motivating your organization’s social media followers to become donors, but it’s also important that you make the process fun for them as well! Pledge campaigns allow your donors to express their support for your organization to their networks of friends and followers.

Here’s how it works: first, your organization sets the deadline for your pledge campaign. Many pledge campaigns culminate in a community event, providing additional excitement for your supporters. Next, you share information about the campaign on social media, encouraging your followers to pledge to contribute specified donation amounts by the deadline.

After your followers have made their pledges, encourage them to share this information on social media. Their friends and followers will see that they have pledged and may be motivated to learn more about your organization and contribute as well!

Whether they’re longtime supporters of your organization or have recently discovered you through your social media efforts, contributors to your pledge campaign can use the time between making their pledge and finalizing their donation to consider their personal reasons for supporting your organization and sharing them on social media, motivating new donors and strengthening their own connections to your organization.

Once the deadline arrives, ensure that your organization has a plan in place for collecting the donations your supporters have pledged, making it easy to conclude your campaign. If your supporters were eager to share their reasons for pledging, it’s likely that you have gained some new supporters as well. Save their emails in your donor database and encourage them to follow your organization on their favorite social media platforms to stay in contact with them!

Whether you’re preparing for a community event or the culmination of your latest fundraising campaign, pledge campaigns involve your social media supporters with your organization’s work and encourage increased giving. Want to transform those supporters into volunteer fundraisers? Consider a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

4. Launch a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

Looking for a way to recognize your organization’s most dedicated supporters and create excitement surrounding your fundraising campaign? A peer-to-peer fundraising campaign transforms your supporters into volunteer fundraisers, letting them take the lead in a social media-based fundraising effort that strengthens their connections to your organization.

Like pledge campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraisers often culminate in community events or conclude larger fundraising campaigns. Functioning similarly to crowdfunding, these campaigns allow your donors to create personalized pages on which they express their reasons for supporting your organization and accept donations to your organization from their social media followers.

After you select the peer-to-peer fundraising software that best suits your organization’s needs, it’s time to get started on your campaign! Set a deadline and then get ready to:

  • Choose the right volunteer fundraisers. Donors who contribute regularly or have made large gifts are great people to reach out to, especially if they have demonstrated that they’re active social media users. Your most dedicated online followers and your community volunteers are also wonderful potentials for peer-to-peer volunteer fundraisers.
  • Motivate them with a little friendly competition. Many peer-to-peer fundraising software platforms offer gamification elements, including badges and trophies, allowing your volunteer fundraisers to compete with one another to raise the most for your campaign before the deadline.
  • Keep things exciting with social media updates. Encourage your volunteer fundraisers to keep up their good work by sharing updates on their progress with your social media followers. Keep the competition going by posting who’s in the lead among your volunteer fundraisers.

With enthusiastic volunteer fundraisers and well-designed campaign donation pages, your peer-to-peer campaign is sure to boost your fundraising efforts and motivate both current and new supporters. With engaging social media campaigns and easy mobile and online donation options, your organization will make donation both easy and enjoyable for your supporters.

Interacting with your donors on social media encourages them to become personally involved with your organization and its mission, leading to increased donations when your next fundraising campaign comes around. By making donating both simple and fun, you’re sure to see results.


John Killoran is CEO of Snowball, an exciting new fundraising technology that makes it easy for people to donate in two clicks from text, email, web and social media sites. John pioneered SMTP payments and has been a major innovator in the mobile payments space for the past 5 years. When he is not running a company, he is cooking food for his family and telling his dogs to stop barking.