With COVID-19, hunger, and violence surging in the community of Ciudad Peronia, Guatemala, the local grassroots organization Peronia Adolescente seeks urgent support to provide remote education, emotional support, and equity to teens and their families.

Peronia youth leaders are leading the fight for access to quality education, culture and civic participation.
A view of the recent landslide in Peronia
Our community is home to 100,000 people recently suffered a landslide, leaving hundreds of families homeless.
83% of Guatemalan families do not have access to internet. Thousands of Peronia youth have not been able to access education this year.
Peronia Adolescente seeks to give access to education, arts and culture, and youth leadership training to local youths.
Peronia Adolescente uses a unique creative methodology to empower teens and organize the community using arts and culture.
Youth leaders use art to demand justice and protection of the human rights of children and young people.
Youth that participate in these programs spread joy and hope to their community, and their leadership paves the way for future generations.
Quality Education
$6,490 USD
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Peronia Adolescente
Guatemala, Villanueva
Peronia Adolescente
Guatemala, Villanueva