SUEÑOS DE BECAS de 20 Primeras niñas y primeros niños para un futuro mejor Guatemala

La educación potencia un futuro más brillante. Juntos podemos cambiar nuestras historias a una de esperanza.

La Asociación Maya Chajulense

Gender Equality

Nuestra historia

WHO WE ARE AMACHAJUL. Mayan Community Educational Center House for a Brighter Future The Maya Chajulense Association (AMACHAJUL) is a Guatemalan non-profit organization that supports the most needy children in the Ixil area of ​​Guatemala by offering an education, agriculture and an intercultural approach bilingual to ensure quality, equity and relevance to provide access to different educational options. AMACHAJUL supports the maintenance and development of a cultural tradition and the Ixil language.

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I am from a noble family with few resources, but I had the opportunity to study at the primary level. I did not have any difficulty and now I am studying the basic level in the Night Institute. Thank God, my parents and the AMACHAJUL Association for the opportunity they give me. They are the engine of my life by helping me to continue studying to face the needs that affect my family and my municipality. As a student, I am willing to support the association for any need; in doing so, I will plant for the new generations.



I had the opportunity to study my elementary school. I was a responsible girl and I did all my homework because my mother took care of me, but everything changed when she got sick. My mother was not cured and died when she was 12 years old. I had two older brothers and three younger sisters and I had to make an effort to support my little sisters. Thank God and my dad I have the opportunity to continue studying. I am studying my Basic in the Nocturnal Institute with the support of the Maya Chajulense Association. With the time that has passed since the death of my mother, I have learned to take care of myself, so I will continue studying until I achieve what I want for myself and my family.


Cecilia When I was a girl, my father abandoned us. Then, in 2006, I was left without a father. In 2010, my mother gave the opportunity to study. Now I am still studying thanks to the support of my mother and AMACHAJUL.


I had the opportunity to study at my elementary school, but my parents could not follow up, so I helped my family work for two years.
My mom is a housewife and my dad is a farmer who makes $ 5.00 a day, which is not enough. I have to work more to be able to continue studying. I am studying at the Night Institute to be able to work in the morning and support my parents a bit. I am very grateful to AMACHAJUL, the association and the donors who support me to achieve my goals.


My parents did not study but they gave me the opportunity to start the primary level.
I am a responsible girl and I do all the class work, I do not have problems with my classmates or difficulty with any of my teachers because they work with a lot of empathy, especially at the Basic level in the night institute. Thank you for the support of my parents and the AMACHAJUL Association for giving me the opportunity to study. My sincere thanks to those people. I want to stay with the Basic level. I want to continue studying to achieve my goals and take my family to the future, as well as to my municipality, Chajul.

Because it is important?

«Together we can change our stories to one of hope, improve daily life and  prosperity for ourselves, our families and our beloved communities» Through  education we can have a better future

How will the funds be used?

Each donation is important to support a student for a school year.

We support our scholarships through TIME AND TALENT

Make a donation to cover the costs of attending school so that we can continue in school and not migrate or leave school to marry as a teen bride.




These committed students work for their families in the morning, attend vocational skill and tutoring in the afternoon, and attend Evening School. A whole year of tuition and school costs is less than one trip to the beauty salon



A school year education for $110 is less than I pay my TV subscription for one month.


Jayme L Bourque





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