HIPGive Tip of the Week: Using Your Perks to Reach and Stretch Your Goals

perks postCongratulations! You have passed the midway point of your project campaign. It is a perfect time to energize your supporters and your project page by focusing on your Perks.

Revisiting and Adding New Perks

By checking your project page or your project dashboard, you will be reminded of what you have offered your supporters based on their donation level.

Adding New Perks

After reviewing your existing Perks, you might realize that there are other special things you can offer your supporters. Adding new Perks can help provide your existing funders with a reason to both donate more and be more enthusiastic about sharing throughout their network.

Remember, though, that Perks have costs in time and money, so be strategic and realistic about your ideas and utilize the resources you already have. Here are some ideas:

  • Early access to a film, publication, or art project that your program is developing and is near completion
  • Provide an exclusive dinner prepared by your staff, clients, or volunteer chef that includes the vegetables in your garden
  • Offer a complimentary or discounted ticket to your upcoming community or fundraising event
  • Create an Instagram account with photos and short video of your program youth and families offering their thanks and provide exclusive access as a Perk
Implementing Stretch Goals

stretch goal post

Utilizing Perks at this stage of the project campaign can help with stretch goals. Some groups have already met their goals and some are very near attainment. A stretch goal is a specific amount with tangible and specific outcomes. If your original goal was to raise $5000 to provide a field trip for 100 families, then a stretch goal could be $1000 to provide lunch to those families.

Creating and publicizing stretch goals does not mean that you are changing your original goal. Once you reach that, you have a successfully funded project. Stretch goals instead can energize your current supporters to donate more and provide more reason for new funders to contribute.

Share Samples of the Perks

Let your supporters know what to expect with their Perks. If you have offered a T-shirt, for example, show them an actual photo of the t-shirt and design. If you have offered a digital photo, then take a photo and share it as a “sneak peak.”

Make sure you use all of the HIPGive tools that are available to you. Post Updates on your Project Page so new visitors can see what the Perks are like and email your existing funders. Share them on social media. Add photos of the Perks in your project’s image gallery. Use your downloaded funders list and send emails with photos of the Perks.

Prepare for Fulfillment

With eight days left, it is also a great time to start organizing and preparing to fulfill the Perks that you have offered.

If you have offered a Perk that is physical and needs to be delivered, you will need to retrieve addresses of your funders. Since there are no mailing addresses in your funders list, then you will have to email them to request this information.

One option is to send out a “Fulfillment Survey.” In crowdfunding, this is an email survey that is sent asking your supporters to provide needed information (like mailing address, shirt size, Perk level, and opting in and out of Perks) to ensure that the Perk (or Reward) that they chose will be properly delivered.

You can create the surveys through online tools like:

Google Forms

Remember that this project is more than a fundraising opportunity. This is about building your community and you want to maintain thriving relationships with those who spent their time and money to contribute to your project. They will be the stewards of your reputation and fulfilling their expectations with Perks is one step to making sure they are spreading positive news about you and your hard work.

Need more advice on how to utilize your Perks or prepare to fulfill them? Have some ideas for stretch goals? Contact us!