HIPGive Tips of the Week: Project Updates Energize Your Supporters

It has been one week since #HIPGive2Health launched and your projects have been visited by thousands of people and hundreds have donated. As always, there was great excitement during the first few days of the contest where emails and social media posts were being sent across the internet. Coming into the second week the enthusiasm needs to be kept high and HIPGive has built in tools to help you keep your community engaged.

Utilizing Updates for Success

On every project page there is a tab called Updates. This is where you should inform all your visitors, new and returning, about the progress of your project or any great news to share.

hipgive sample project page update

Not sure what to enter as an update? Here are some questions to prompt your creativity.

  • – What do you think your community would love to know about the project?
    – Who are your early supporters and how can you thank them?
    – Do you have testimonials from your clients showing the helpfulness of your agency?
    – Are there any quotes from clients sharing how much they appreciate the support?
    – Update donors on how much you have raised so far and ask them to help you by spreading the word so you can raise ($) by (date) (Daily/weekly goals)
    – Share if you have won any matching funds or a prize


To create an update for your project page, just visit your Project Dashboard and click the “Updates” link underneath “Submit to HIPGive”.

hipgive sample project dashboard

Once you are done typing your message, you have an option to send an email of this update to the people who have already donated to the project by clicking the box “Yes” under “Email to Funders?”

hipgive sample update

Click the Submit button and your project page will have the update! After submitting the update, you will also be able to share on Facebook and on Twitter a link to the project page to prompt your social network to visit the page.

Do you want to add photos to your update?

Visit our tutorial on how to add images to your update and make them more visual and creative.

It is absolutely key to the success of your project to keep your current and potential supporters emotionally invested throughout the contest. Providing updates on your project page through the HIPGive platform is one easy way to keep them connected and engaged.

Reminder: Click here to review the prizes and incentives available for the #HIPGive2Health contest.