How to Keep up the Momentum on Your #GoMujeres Campaign

By Anita Gallagher

International Women’s Day has come and gone for another year, but women’s rights are still top of mind throughout March so there’s every reason to keep the momentum going on your crowdfunding campaign.

If you’ve already reached your goal, CONGRATULATIONS! However, if your campaign hasn’t lived up to expectations so far, don’t worry.

Most crowdfunding campaigns get off to a good start but as time passes, it can be hard to keep up high levels of interest in the project. If you’re mid-way through and donations are waning, take action! Here are some tried-and-tested strategies to keep the donatios rolling in:

How to Keep Your Crowdfunding Campaign Going Strong

1. Shake it up.

You might not have time to completely reinvent your campaign, but you can revitalize it. Be creative based on what you know about YOUR audience and what motivates them to give. Here are some ideas:

  • Ditch the email and create a short “face to face” video appeal.
  • Focus your next email on the story of a beneficiary impacted by your project.
  • Share a hand-written appeal signed by your president.
  • Add more visuals—simple images create a higher emotional impact.
  • Ask for a small set amount that makes it hard to say no—$25 for example.

2. Get personal!

Ask all your coworkers, board members, and trusted volunteers to explain the importance of the project in their own words and share it with at least 10 people within their own friends and family network. Give them an example to follow and a clear call to action and link to your project page to share.

3. Create a sense of urgency.

March is when women’s issues are top of mind: encourage donors to take action! Alternatively, explain what will happen if you don’t raise the funds in the allotted time period and how it is within their power to change this. Make a reference to how many days or hours are left for them to help.

These tips are a summary of an article published in our new Learning Center. You can read the full article here and explore many more resources to help you on your way to crowdfunding success.