#GivingTuesday Tip: How to Write a Pitch that Inspires Joyful Giving

By Anita Gallagher

You have an organization to run and a goal to meet – that’s what you raise funds for, right? Wrong. The minute you start framing your project in terms of what your organization needs, instead of what your beneficiaries, your community, or your donors need, is the minute you zap all the positive energy from your campaign.

One of the reasons that #GivingTuesday has grown so quickly is that it’s a celebration: a day that encourages joyful giving and the power of each individual, family, school, and business to use generosity to bring positive change in our world.



Normally you would develop your pitch and financial goal based on what you need and can achieve. Forget normal! For #LatinosGive on #GivingTuesday, focus on creating a project that will inspire your donors to give and encourage them to spread the joy of giving to others.

So how can you write a project pitch that inspires joyful giving?

3 Examples on How to Inspire Joyful Giving with your #LatinosGive on #GivingTuesday Campaign

1. Include inspirational (not literal) words in your title 

Color your hospital with smiles,” “Education for dreamers,” and “Strengthen the thread” are all great examples.

2. Sharpen your goal to create a precise, actionable phrase

For example, Operation Smile in Guatemala doesn’t only want us to “help sick children,” their project invites us to be part of “10 life-changing surgeries for children with cleft lip and palate.”

3. Use images and videos, especially close-ups of faces that express positive emotion

Don’t limit yourself to your beneficiaries – Save the Children’s recent appeal shows the joy of giving by making the donor the protagonist!

Save the Children appeal


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