How You can Help Rescue Kids in the Andes

Support that gets children off the streets

Ninos de los Andes

By Débora Montesinos, HIPGive contributor

They’re just kids between seven and 12 years old, but they’ve had a difficult life: they spent their first years in marginalized environments, where family violence is a daily occurrence and the risks are abundant.
In 1973 that drama, which—with slight differences—repeated itself over and over again, attracted the attention the doctor Jaime Jaramillo, who watched a young girl be run over and killed for neglecting to protect an empty box. Jaime was shocked.

That’s why “Papá Jaime” was moved to do something, and why he decided to fight with all the resources at his disposal to help young girls and boys in violent situations—not just with medical attention and food, but also with kindness and a safe place to live.

The results of that labor are the Foundation for Kids of the Andes (Fundación Niños de los Andes), which has grown to encompass locations in Bogota, Colombia’s capital, as well as in the municipalities of El Rosal, Cundinamarca, and Manizales Caldas.

The foundation is a nonprofit with a clear mission: to rescue minors that, whether they have family or not, are living in the streets to get away from the violence that leads to risks including drug use, gang involvement, or even falling victim to human trafficking.

The foundation and its supporters are committed to protect and rehabilitate the kids that, in extremely vulnerable conditions, have suffered from a disregard of their fundamental rights.

Through its programs, the foundation offers real solutions so that its clients can better their lives; the idea is to promote growth in an integrated and balanced way.

Their needs, as you can imagine, are abundant. If you’re interested in supporting a group of Colombian children, this is your golden opportunity!