Indigenous Students Are a Step Ahead Thanks to a Mexican Education Nonprofit

This was originally posted on Voces Mesoamericanas.

In Guaquitepec, Mexico, on the 10th of January, students from different communities—surrounded by their classmates and families—graduated from the Community of Learning to Build Processes of a Dignified Life (Comunidad de Aprendizaje para Construir Procesos de Vida Digna, or COA), a technical college educational program.

Also present were the principals (local religious authorities), the municipal agent, COA’s coordinating team, and social organizations involved in the educational project.

In this video, we share the testimony of five graduates: Teófila, Lucio, Jaime, Jorge y Humberto.

Teófila Jiménez Díaz, a student from the indigenous tsotsil community Dos Lagunas, commented,

“The dream of education is how you go about achieving your dreams and goals. You also start opening your heart and mind because you get to know many people, other organizations, other spaces, other lessons. This has been the dream of my life because it has helped me so much.”

Jorge Jiménez, another first-generation graduate from COA, said about his participation:

“We’ve learned and unlearned the way we coexist, the way we think and act. From today we’ll be fighting for the creation of a new world where many more worlds will belong.”

The project, Dreamers for Education (“Soñadores por la educación”) is sponsored by Mesoamerican Voices, Action with Migrant Communities (Voces Mesoamericanas, Acción con Pueblos Migrantes) and the crowdfunding platform HIPGive. Teófila, Lucio, Humberto, Jaime, and Jorge received scholarships to study at COA and are now an incredible example of the struggle for the construction of “Lekil Kuxlejal,” or, in other words, the Good Life.