On December 3rd, #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving, HIPGive will celebrate Latinx generosity with a crowdfunding campaign called #LatinxGive, encouraging everyone to support the amazing nonprofits that serve our community throughout the Americas.

Moreover, we will be offering $20,000 dollars in matching funds to duplicate donations for YOUR organization.

The #LatinxGive matching funds present a huge opportunity to encourage donors to give now and give more, drumming up excitement and support for your campaign. We’ve prepared these tips to help you make the most of it! Many organizations will be competing for these funds and some funds have geographic restrictions, so please read the following guidelines carefully to ensure that you understand and communicate the opportunity correctly.

1. Who can participate?

Any organization in the U.S. or Latin America with a live and active project on HIPGive that is not participating in another matching fund opportunity.

2. How will the funds be allocated?

On Tuesday, December 3rd, HIPGive will offer $15,000 USD in matching funds spread out in 4 periods of $3,750. The funds will be released in the following way:

  • $3,750 USD at 8 am PST/ 10 am CST/ 11 am EST 
  • $3,750 USD at 11 am PST/ 1 pm CST / 2 pm EST
  • $3,750 USD at 3 pm PST/ 5 pm CST/  6 pm EST
  • $3,750 USD at 6 pm PST/ 8 pm CST/ 9 pm EST

Donations made on the HIPGive platform will be matched (duplicated) from these times onwards until the funds are depleted.

A special prize of $5,000 USD will be awarded for the nonprofit with the highest number of individual donors during the #LatinxGive campaign from 00:00 November 12 to 23:59 December 31(All campaigns running within this period are eligible even if their  start / end dates do not match precisely.)

3. What is the fine print?

For the 4 periods of matching funds:

  • Only the first donation made by a person to an organization will be duplicated. If the individual makes two or more donations to an organization, only the first will be duplicated.
  • There is no limit on the amount of matching funds that an organization can receive, but there are limits on the total amount that can be duplicated from an individual donor.
  • The maximum amount that will be doubled for an individual donor to any organization will be $ 200 USD.

For the special prize:

  • Only the first donation made by a person to an organization will be counted.
  • Only the donations received from 00:00 November 12 to 23:59 December 31st will be counted.
  • Donations should be $5 or over to be eligible.

4. What does this mean for you?

For the 4 periods of matching funds:

Funds are likely to run out quickly! To benefit from these matching funds, please remember to advise your donors to donate on or just after the time at which matching funds will be released. Don’t forget to make sure to check the time zone is right for your audience!

Remember that the limit for matching a donation is $200. In other words, if a person donates $200, then $200 will be matched, meaning you receive $400. However, if they donate $500, still only $200 can be matched, meaning you receive $700.

For the special prize:

The greater number of donors you’re project has, the greater your probability of winning

5. When will I find out about matching funds results and special price?

As you know, there is a high volume of donations during #GivingTuesday, and our team wants to make sure all the matching funds are allocated correctly. Therefore, we review the donation data carefully during the following days after #GivingTuesday, and we announce the results before December 6 and the special prize will be announced by January 15. We understand that there is a lot of excitement to hear the results, so we truly appreciate your patience.