Building a Team for Your Campaign

Ever heard the saying "no man is an island"? This is especially true for crowdfunding campaigns which, contrary to many people’s assumptions, don’t just go viral spontaneously. Instead, success is built on a solid plan and effective teamwork to harness the power of sharing and collaboration.

Here are four simple steps to building your campaign's dream team:

1. Select a committed leader.

The campaign leader should be as passionate and committed as they are organized, because, as #GivingTuesday guru Jamie McDonald points out in her Guide to A Successful Giving Day, it is his/her job to coordinate the campaign from planning to execution to evaluation, as well as to continually motivate the rest of the team. Have you got the right person leading your team?

2. Bring on the Board.

Your board members have the networks and influence to draw in donors from wide social and business circles and a vested interest in developing new revenue streams. Reach out to them personally, explaining the significance of this crowdfunding campaign and encouraging them to personalize campaign emails and social media posts.

3. Empower the staff… all of them!

A well-executed communications strategy is the cornerstone of any successful crowdfunding campaign, so empower your staff to take the initiative ahead of time with a clear plan and timetable.
Don’t limit yourself to working with the development team. Brief every member of staff about the campaign and encourage them to feel part of it. Follow Voces Mesoamericana's example by uploading many staff profiles to your HIPGive project page or offer fun prizes for staff members who share the campaign with the most people.

4. Recruit ambassadors and help them spread the word.

Pretty much everyone is on social media these days, but some people’s voices are louder than others. You might not have many celebrities ambassadors, as is a growing trend during #GivingTuesday for example, but look at your current list of supporters, donors, and volunteers to identify individuals who punch above their weight as thought leaders and have large followings. Rather than ask them to give money, ask them to share—and personalize—key communications throughout the campaign.
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