Keeping up the Momentum on Your Campaign

Crowdfunding campaigns are social activities and thrive on the positive energy of people coming together for a meaningful purpose. Most crowdfunding campaigns get off to a good start but as time passes, it can be hard to keep up high levels of interest in the project and fatigue can set in.
If you’re mid-way through your campaign and donations are waning or the campaign hasn’t lived up to expectations so far, don’t resign yourself to indifferent results. Instead, take action! Here are some tried-and-tested strategies to help inject new life into your campaign to help you race past that finish line.  

1. Reassess your communication channels.  

Rather than waiting until your campaign is over, take a moment today to analyze your results so far. Think about what's worked, and, more importantly, what hasn't. What communications channels have been most effective? What message has most motivated your donors to give? (Hint: if you're not sure, ask!)

Brainstorm ideas about how to tweak your message so that your emails, calls, and social media appeals are really hitting home.

2. Shake up your messaging.

You might not have time to completely reinvent your campaign, but you can revitalize it by mixing up your messaging. Brainstorm and be creative based on what you know about YOUR audience and what motivates them to give. Here are some ideas: 
  • Ditch the email and create a short "face to face" video appeal.
  • Focus your next email on the testimony or story of a beneficiary impacted by your project.
  • Share a hand-written appeal signed by your president.
  • Add more visuals—simple images create a higher emotional impact and drive more donations.
  • Actively promote your perks or create a raffle-style competition among donors with a great Christmas gift as a prize. 
  • Ask for a small set amount that makes it hard to say no—$25 for example.

3. Broaden your audience and get personal!

Ask all your coworkers, board members, and trusted volunteers to explain the importance of the project in their own words and share it with at least 10 people within their own friends and family network. Give them an example to follow and a clear call to action and link to your project page to share. Reaching new audiences will shine a new light on the campaign.
If you can, turn this into a video appeal. Instead of using written communications, use your smartphone to record key staff as they explain the significance of the project to them and make a personal appeal for donations. Campaigns with video appeals have a much higher rate of success.

4. Keep your donors involved.

Yes, your donors have already contributed funds, but maybe they would also be willing to share their time and their voice to support your campaign? First, follow the golden rule of fundraising and thank them with a personalized message and a shout out on social media. Then, get in touch again. You can use the updates section of your HIPGive project page or send a brief weekly message to those who have donated to your campaigns in the past, and to anyone who has donated to your existing campaign.
Some items you can include in your update:
  • Funds raised to date
  • A story about your project
  • Statistics or facts about your cause
  • Links to your social media profiles
Be sure to include a note asking the recipient to forward the message to anyone in their circles who may also be interested in contributing!

5. Create a sense of urgency.  

Time is running out on your campaign—make sure you communicate this to your audience, explaining what will happen if you don’t raise the funds in the allotted time period and how it is within their power to change this and provide a positive outcome. Make a reference to how many days or hours are left, and include a countdown clock if you can! 

Above all, don’t give up! Keep sharing, posting, and initiating conversations with existing and potential donors. Fundraising is all about friend-raising, and the work you do now will empower you to keep raising funds as your campaign continues.
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