Useful Online Tools

You don’t have to be a tech geek or a professional graphic designer to coordinate an elegant and impactful crowdfunding campaign. The driving forces should always be the creative aspects such as how the project creates value for all those involved, how the campaign builds relationships, and how it all comes together to generate excitement about giving.  
Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that technology can help you find new ways to save time and produce high-quality materials that inspire trust and share your message more effectively to a wider audience. Check out these simple online tools and let us know which ones you’ve been using to help increase your crowdfunding success.

Email Marketing

Use an email marketing platform to design visually-attractive emails and send them automatically with a personalized greeting. If you want a paid plan, ask for the nonprofit discount.

Inbound Marketing

These resources help you organize your inbound marketing strategy, merging social media content and analytics with email integration and many other features.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

Is your donor database still stuck in an unwieldy spreadsheet? Make the transition to a more professional data management tool which helps you share information across your team and build better relationships with your prospects and donors.

Project Management Tools

Coordinating a successful crowdfunding campaign requires teamwork and tight scheduling. Make sure everyone knows the what, when, why, and where of your campaign with collaborative project management tools.

Graphic Design

Although there’s no substitute for a professional designer, these tools make it easy to create contemporary styled email and social media banners, social media posts, infographics, presentations, and much more. 
  • Canva, for all types of designs
  • Piktochart, with themes and templates for infographics
  • creates infographics and charts 

Photo Resources

Your photos will always appear more professional with these easy tools.

Social Media Management

Make sure to use hashtags and tag us at @HIPgive when you post!
  • Hootsuite: is a social media dashboard for scheduling posts across multiple platforms and accounts with built in tracking and analysis
  • BufferApp: allows you to schedule, publish, and analyze across multiple social media platforms
  • Sharedcount:  paste a link to your project and track the URL shares, likes, tweets, and more
  • Tweetreach: generates a report of your tweets, their reach, impressions, and contributors
  • Web.stagram: lets you monitor Instagram hashtags and mentions on your computer
  • Likealyzer: get recommendations on how to improve your posts, such as when to send and ideal length
  • allows you to find the best hashtags to reach your audience

Social Media – Other Tools

  • Bitly let’s you shorten a web link when you’re tight for space and track the clicks
  • Twibbon lets you create a customized “ribbon” to personalize social media profile pictures
  • Thunderclap amplifies the impact of social media posts.

Video Tools

Crowdfunding campaigns are driven by great video content and social media storytelling and it’s easier than you think with these tools:
  • HIPGive’s Video Training Series: five-part video series to guide you through your video creation process
  • Adobe Spark: make a marketing video with nothing but your voice and imagination. It includes templates, free photographs, and free music
  • turns images, video clips, and music into videos
  • easy to use, browser-based video editor
  • PowToon: helps you create animated videos

Video Hosting

Once you have your video ready, upload it to an online hosting site and simply copy the URL into your HIPGive project page. Is there an online tool that you couldn’t live without that we don’t know about? Get in touch to share your suggestion!
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