Increase Your Impact with an Editorial Calendar

Do you know a nonprofit communications or fundraising professional that has extra time on their hands? Neither do we! Most nonprofits today recognize the huge role communication plays both in driving mission impact and income generation. However, while there’s not normally a shortage of content to share, it can be challenging to make sure that content is released in an organized, timely fashion, especially when social media requires such frequent updates. 
If you want to be more organized and save time, an editorial calendar is just what you need. It’s a tool to coordinate what, when, where, and with whom the organization shares content. By including the key details of each communications piece in an overall, visual layout, it’s easier to achieve improved strategic focus in messaging, ensure different audience segments are catered for, and make sure everything is kept on track. It also clearly states who is responsible for what, meaning team members have a clear idea of their responsibilities and deadlines. 
There are many ways to create an editorial or content calendar: you can use a simple spreadsheet shared between coworkers, add layers to an online calendar app, or invest in specialist project management software. (Check out our article on online tools for some ideas.) Which is right for you depends on the complexity of your communications strategy and the preferences of our team.
If you want to design yours from scratch, it’s a good idea to include the following fields: 
  • Platform/channel
  • Target audience
  • Title of communication
  • Specific objective
  • Details of content
  • Keywords
  • Author
  • Deadline
Don’t have time to make your own?
  • Hubspot offers a comprehensive blog, social media, and content calendar templates in both English and Spanish, but a simple search will provide lots of downloadable templates in the program of your choice. 
  • Coschedule also offers editorial calendar templates and a Facebook marketing strategy kit which will help you pin down your content planning process.
An example of a calendar-based editorial planner: 

An example of a spreadsheet-based editorial calendar: 
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