How to Make a Successful Crowdfunding Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the video at the top of your crowdfunding page is worth a million more. Maybe that’s why it’s also the element of their pitch that most organizations find the most daunting. Here are our five HIPGive tips for producing a stand out video, even when you’re on a tight budget.

1. Develop a clear campaign message. 

You can’t showcase your whole organization, so decide on a message that conveys key information about what you do and why, but also motivates the audience to take action (ie donate).   

2. Choose your protagonist.

Voiceover scripts can be useful, but direct face-to-face appeals are much effective in crowdfunding. Where possible, ask one of your project beneficiaries to share the message in their own words. 

3. Keep it short. 

While every campaign is different, most high-performing videos are between 1 - 3 minutes. It’s easier to maintain viewer attention if the scene or speaker changes fairly often in the video. 

4. Add a call to action.

An energetic and inspirational campaign video will be shared on many communication channels throughout the campaign—make sure all viewers hear or see a clear invitation to make a donation and a link to the campaign page on HIPGive. 

5. Learn from others.

There are hundreds of campaign videos on HIPGive and other crowdfunding platforms. Start browsing to see which ones you think work best and how you could employ similar strategies.

Hopefully these tips will get you on your way. Want to learn more? Check out the HIPGive Video Series, a five-part guide that will help you create an outstanding video that will leave donors compelled to support your projects.

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