For the fourth year in a row, we invite the Guatemalan community across the Americas to join #GuatemalaGives on Giving Tuesday. Let’s show and share our orgullo chapín, or Guatemalan pride, by giving to the organizations making an impact on our country.


Your donation to a Guatemalan nonprofit is an investment in the country’s most valuable asset: its people.


For this campaign, HIPGive has partnered with Fundación Tigo, the social arm of Tigo Guatemala dedicated to advancing education, health, and transparency in Guatemala. Fundación Tigo creates and executes programs to promote digital inclusion and improve the quality of life for Guatemalans.


With #GuatemalaGives, the foundation aims to promote a culture of generosity and individual giving for social impact projects driving the country forward.


 Fundación Tigo will give  matching funds on December 3rd at four times:

  • $2,000 USD at 9 a.m. Guatemala time, until depleted.

  • $2,000 USD at 12 p.m. Guatemala time, until depleted.

  • $2,000 USD at 3 p.m. Guatemala time, until depleted.

  • $2,000 USD at 5:00 p.m. Guatemala time, until depleted.


A maximum of $400 USD will be matched per individual donor and in the case that the $8,000 USD are not spent by 11:59 pm, December 3rd, Guatemala time, the remaining balance will be awarded to the organizations selected by FT and HIP.


A special prize of $2,000 USD will be awarded to the organization with the largest number of individual donors.


Help move Guatemala forward with a donation to one of these projects today!