Juntodos.com invites you to join the first social crowdfunding initiative in El Salvador


About Us

We believe that together we can achieve more. That is why we have created Juntodos.com – the first social crowdfunding site in El Salvador that invite donors all over the world to contribute with small donations for social causes in El Salvador. Juntodos.com is a social iniative created by Gloria Kriete Foundation together with HIPGive.

At Juntodos, we join donors with specific projects of specific communities or individuals. We believe on elevating the the impact of existing organizations by raising awareness and exposure of their social projects. All projects are previously vetted and certified by Gloria Kriete Foundation before been published on the site. We make sure projects are real and meet our criteria. Once projects go live, anyone can proceed to make a donation to make a significant impact on El Salvador. All administration costs and fees associated to the projects are covered by Gloria Kriete Foundation ensuring that donations go straight to the projects.

Juntodos provides the opportunity to the donor to stay connected to the cause; to witness

the completion process throughout time.  Once a project reaches its goal, we are helping to change the life of many Salvadorans.

What is social crowdfunding?

It is the process of raising online funds through a group of people to support a social project with small donations to reach a bigger goal and that will solve a specific need of a specific community.

Small Donations Make a Big Difference!