There are now more than 4 million Venezuelan refugees across the Americas and Europe. Venezuela is second only to Syria in terms of how many displaced people are living outside their country of origin. Yet support for these displaced families and individuals is a fraction of what refugees from other regions have received. A recent OAS report noted that approximately $5,000 in funding was granted per Syrian refugee, compared to approximately $300 per Venezuelan refugee.

Join HIP as we mobilize resources for organizations providing immediate humanitarian services to Venezuelan refugees in the Americas.

Over 10% of Venezuela’s population has fled the country in recent years. Many make their trek by foot with little or no money in hand and face discrimination or even violence from the communities where they seek to find a job and start over.

Although Venezuela was once the receiving country for many of the region’s refugees, a reverse flow of roughly 5,000 migrants and asylum seekers per day now flee to neighboring Colombia, as well as to Brazil, Ecuador, Peruand other destinations. Nonprofits and local governments are doing their best to provide shelter, food, and other basic necessities, but resources are insufficient. In some places, xenophobia and fear have led municipalities to shut their doors to new Venezuelan arrivals. 

We need to do more to support efforts that seek to address the Venezuelan refugee crisis.


HIP—in partnership with The Tinker Foundation—is launching a crowdfunding campaign to elevate and support nonprofits working with Venezuelan migrants and refugees across the Americas. The campaign specifically targets nonprofit organizations providing the following services to migrants and asylum seekers:

  • Humanitarian aid
  • Legal services
  • Health and wellbeing services 
  • Mental health and trauma services
  • Workforce and education projects creating economic opportunity for migrants, and/or
  • Migrant rights related advocacy


Your support will ensure that people forced to make the heartbreaking choice of leaving their home in Venezuela have the opportunities, resources, and services they need to create a stable and hopeful new beginning!

The Tinker Foundation is providing  $5,000 in pooled matching funds to increase the impact of your donation to nonprofits supporting Venezuelan migrants and refugees on our crowdfunding platform

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