Must-Do’s After Your Crowdfunding Campaign is Over


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Fundraisers often think that once their crowdfunding campaign is over the work is done and all that is left to do is wait for the check to arrive in the mail. This couldn’t be more wrong! In order for your crowdfunding campaign to finish strongly and for your organization to develop long lasting relationships with donors, you will have to take a series of steps to keep the momentum going and to lay the pavement for future fundraising efforts to come. Here at HIPGive we have outlined the 5 most important actions to take after your campaign comes to an end:

Keep Your Word

If you offered perks to your donors, you have to deliver them. This will show that you are reliable and responsible, and it will encourage donors to support your organization again in the future. Plus, this will allow you to keep the project and the organization fresh in their minds in case you would like to contact them during your next fundraising effort. If you have to deliver any physical perks, you will have to collect their mailing addresses by sending an email with a short fulfillment survey. You can also use this survey to ask them for feedback about your campaign or ask any other questions you might have for them, for example “What encouraged you to support our campaign?” But remember to keep the survey short. You can create this survey through online tools like: Surveymonkey,Google Forms, or Jotform.

  Share Your Results

Your project’s supporters want to help and to be involved, this is why they funded your campaign in the first place. Share your results with them and thank them once again for helping you along the way. You may do this through email, social media, blog posts, or even some phone calls and personal letters. No matter how you do it, what is really important is to keep them in the loop and show them that you truly appreciate their support.

Even if you didn’t reach your crowdfunding goal it is important to let your donors know what good things came out of the campaign and what you plan to do with the money raised.


  Thank Key Supporters

Office Icon 1There is always a staff member, volunteer, partner organization, or donor that goes the extra mile to make your campaign a success. Make sure to give special thanks and recognize those people via email, letter or by giving them a shout out on social media. You could even go as far as to organize a local happy hour or dinner to thank your key supporters. These people are clearly invested in your organization’s success, so it will pay off in the future to keep them engaged and to let them know you truly value their efforts.


  Show Where The Money Went

Office Icon 2Your campaign was created to fulfill a specific purpose. Perhaps you were raising funds to provide academic scholarships to 20 children in your community, to rebuild a health facility center, or to provide healthy food to 100 families. Whatever it was, it is important that a few months after the end of your campaign, you update the community on the impact of their donations. For example, you could email your donors or post an update on social media, with something like: “Thanks to your gift, we were able to provide healthy food packages to 200 families in Mexico. Read the stories of some of those families in our website…” This will assure your donors that their time and money had impact and that you are a trustworthy, reliable steward of their resources.

  Stay in Touch 

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