10 scholarships for low-income students

Because we can all help, so that children and young people can study and change their lives. Together we will make it po

Programa YMCA de Desarrollo Comunitario y Asistencia Social, A.C.

Our story

scholarships for low-income students.


We want to
tell you about Maritza

does not know what that profession is called but she wants to study to be able
to operate her knees, and she does not want to see more pain than one of the
people she loves most, her grandmother.

His father 
works all day driving a public transport bus, his mother does not have a fixed
 job. Maritza says that the person she most admires is her dad. He dreams
 of traveling to Canada and with his father, build a huge snowman and face a
white war that will fill them with smiles. But now, you just want to take
 advantage of the opportunity provided by YMCA Mexico through its social
programs, to finish your high school studies, and then go to the university that
will be the biggest dream that will help you meet the YMCA.

Are there
more boys and girls like Maritza?

Yes, we
have 104 children, adolescents and young people from rural communities in 
Tepoztlán, Morelos, who have their own histories, needs and problems. But you 
know? everyone has the same courage to move forward. 72 study primary and
 secondary and 32 high school and university.


How do we
help them in their education?

We want
everyone to study and become professionals. Elementary and high school students
stay at YMCA House, which is like a home, from there they go to school; so YMCA
helps them with lodging, food, uniforms, school supplies, shoes, school
  reinforcement, while training them in values and skills. The YMCA House has
 bedrooms for women and men, kitchen, dining room, green and sports areas, 
library and multipurpose area. The students of preparatory education and
 university, receive an economic scholarship, for transport, food, supplies and

for Scholars of Camohmila, is part of the YMCA Program of Community Development
and Social Assistance, AC, a civil association constituted since 1993 and that
has the accreditation in the best level in Transparency by CEMEFI, as well as
was evaluated by CONFIO (Building Transparent Civil Organizations , AC)


Can you
help us with their studies?

With your
 donation we can achieve 10 scholarships for 10 of the high school and college
students, for a period of one school year, who have the most advanced path to
achieve their goals. A monthly scholarship has an average value of 2000 pesos.

By donating
 you will be helping to achieve dreams and change the lives of under privileged students and their families. We have little time, the campaign is over and they
 want to achieve their goals Mrs




Gracia Goya

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