360 degree love: bringing culture, art and smiles

Overcoming, Commitment and love.
Bringing art, culture and smiles

Amor a 360 grados

Arts and Culture

Our story

Campaign Summary

LOVE At 360º arises in Mexico City, Mexico in 2018 after events that inspired a change made since 2015. The goal is to bring culture to groups of girls and young people, through the Arts, such as Singing, Dancing, Acrobatics and more, as well as give them moments of joy, entertainment, and attention, accompanied by strong messages of overcoming and reinforcing human values, in addition to some goods. We want to make these non-profit events ever larger, which allow us to invite more Casas Hogar and thus promote the co-participation of different organizations and people, constantly.

How will we put your donations into action?

>Since our beginnings, we have worked to expand our cause and help those who need it. Your participation helps to continue with these altruistic activities and achieve greater reach. So if you would like to contribute with goods (kind, monetary). Helping others has never been so simple.

Why it matters:

One of the main reasons why LOVE was founded at 360º in 2018 was to share with vulnerable people not only bringing them closer to culture and art but also with Donations. We have dedicated time, resources and work to this charitable cause and invite you to help us continue to do so.

Potential Challenges:

With your generous donations and your volunteer support, we have the ability to continue our work.

About our organization:

Our mission is to give access to culture through performing arts to approximately 800 girls, adolescents and young people, during 2019, increasing the spectrum of activities, benefits granted and a number of people reached, at least by 15% annually.