40 for 40

40 for 40: Chicana Latina Foundation’s Alumnae Association effort to increase Scholarships and Leadership program to include 40 awardees (that’s an additional 10 scholarships) for a total of 40 scholarships in honor of CLF’s 40th Anniversary.

Chicana Latina Foundation


Latina College students represent the future of our community. With your support, they will blossom as the conscientious, compassionate, courageous leaders we need them to be.  Chicana Latina Foundation has a stellar record in empowering 300+ Latina college students who have high rates of degree completion and leadership accomplishments.

Our goal is to assist in developing leadership skills in our scholars so that they become agents of change for their families and communities.

The problem we are addressing is that our scholars often feel alone in the process of degree attainment.

It is important to empower women to find strength in sharing their stories.  We plan to accomplish our goal through professional development.

Funding support is needed.


Why it matters?

Latinos/as comprise 40% of the population in California, yet nearly one third of California’s population age 25 and older (30%) had a Bachelor’s degree or higher, but only one in 10 Latinos in that age group (10%) had a least a Bachelor’s degree. Our CLF participants have a 95% bachelor degree completion rate!


How will the funds be used?

The funds will be used to support CLF’s Alumnae Association efforts to raise funds to increase scholarships given from 30 by an additional 10 scholarships in honor of CLF’s 40th Anniversary, for a total of 40 Scholarships and Leadership Development provide to our awardees through our Leadership Institute.

The funds raised will also help cover the costs of the Leadership Institute provided yearly by CLF for an additional 10 scholars. This includes a 3-day retreat: lodging, food, supplies and facilitators. This leadership experience has proven to be extremely successful as the students come together with peers and role models to validate their personal stories, empower them to achieve their educational goals and prepared them for community leadership.

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Raquel Cinat

Congratulations to the committed and hard-working CLF Team and all the organization's participants.


vishal sharma

Keep up the great work. Education is essential to all our communities.



Abrazo fuerte y palante!


Romana C. Quevedo

!Muchas Gracias a todos Ustedes!


Sanaa AlHelew

40 for 40 Miah A.


Edgar L Torres

This is a great organization, a great cause that has supported great students


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I am donating for the 40 for 40 Andrea Coto.


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40 for 40 Andrea Coto


Robin Rivera

Thank you for what you do!


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40 for 40 Miah A


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40 for 40 Alumnae - "paying it forward"


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Investing in women is an investment in communities.




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