Let’s build a library for Santa Lucia’s School

A colorful library that will transform the education of more than 400 children and youth.


Children and Youth

Our story

Public schools in El Salvador lack libraries, and only 21% of schools own this resource.

Most children link the word “library” with the image of a cold dark room with large shelves filled with thick brown books, or with a small storage room where a lot of other things beside old textbook collections are kept. One of our main goals is to change this image that they have.

For us at ConTextos, the school library is something  other than an orderly, clean, well illuminated, colorful space; it is actually the heart of the school and the community, a unique, fantastic and welcoming place where students enjoy, smile, and are amazed in the face of the unknown; it is also the place where they prefer to go think new ideas, create new worlds, and through all this experience, learn to share, dialogue, and most of all dream.

A functional, attractive and innovative library

The Santa Lucía School is located in the Municipality of Ilopango, one of the most vulnerable areas of El Salvador. With your support, this school will enjoy a library that will include a reading out loud area, independent reading areas and areas to play board games or work.

At  this school, ConTextos will carry out the last year of the “Soy Lector” Program, which is the last of a three-year intervention, that will guarantee the continuity and self-sustainability of the work done and that is necessary for the school to reach its maximum potential and that can inspire and mentor other educational centers. At ConTextos we recognize the importance of teachers in society, as transforming agents of the community and the lives of its students.

The School will receive the following resources

  • A collection of 250 books
  • Workshops and teacher training
  • Shelves and cushions
  • 12 Kindles that include a collection of digital books

About ConTextos

ConTextos is a non-profit educational organization whose mission is to transform the educational experience in El Salvador so that students go beyond mechanical learning and develop authentic reading skills such as critical thinking, analysis and creativity.


ConTextos is carrying out the “Soy Lector,” Program, which consists of training teachers and creating libraries during a three year period,  which will guarantee continuity and self-sustainability. The purpose of this is to help schools reach their maximum potential and inspire and mentor other schools.

With the help of the programs “Soy Lector” and “Soy Autor”, ConTextos uses literacy as a tool to promote emotional learning, in schools, reinsertion centers and communities in El Salvador, focusing on areas that have been highly affected by violence. 


Here at ConTextos we believe that reading at school is extremely important, and we also believe that a library plays a very important role in teaching and learning, since it influences and has a very positive impact on students’ academic achievement.

ConTextos acknowledges the importance of the role teachers play in society to help transform communities and the lives of its students. The core of our intervention is to train teachers and this goes beyond carrying out sporadic or isolated workshops and pieces of training. ConTextos provides many different experiences that allow teachers to strengthen their skills as education professionals.


ConTextos helps to develop the ability to think critically; its work goes beyond literacy, it helps to form readers who also understand, ask questions, comment and write.




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