A little help for earthquake victims

Thousands of people lost everything during the earthquakes that hit Mexico, they need a little help

Con tu ayuda sí A.C.


Our story

In Mexico the living conditions are difficult, with the earthquake many families lost what little they had, there are thousands of houses that collapsed and inside they were the belongings and dreams of its inhabitants, the vast majority only managed to recover some important things like documents or photographs, but everything else is among the ruins of what was once their home.

Our Organization helps those who need it most, for years we have supported poor communities, vulnerable groups and people on the street, with the earthquake emergency we reaffirm our commitment to continue doing it to benefit many more people

During the earthquake thousands of people left their homes to save their lives, nobody believed that when they returned they would see
their house destroyed and even worse that their belongings were among the rubble, the objective of this campaign is to raise funds to buy shoes for those families that they lost everything, many children and adults only have the pair of shoes that they wore during the emergency and now they are worn and broken, with their help we can deliver a pair of shoes to each member of those families.

Each dollar received will be used for the purchase of shoes, we made a contract with a shoe sales company that will give us the price of the manufacturer so that we can buy more products at the best prices.

We need 5000 dollars to be able to buy 1000 pairs of shoes at manufacturer price, this means that each pair will cost 5 dollars, shoes made in Mexico of excellent quality

In case of not reaching our goal of $ 5,000, shoes will be purchased for those that reach the total of the collected and will be delivered to families with more need

We know that, unfortunately, trust in institutions and people has been lost, that is why we put our social networks and web pages at your disposal so that at any time you can verify our reputation, our commitment is to deliver each donation in the hands of those who really want it. need and in doing so we document it with photographs and videos, as well as with interviews with the beneficiaries.

The inhabitants of the affected areas want to return to normal soon, they want to return to their homes, schools or go to work like everyone else, meanwhile we must help them so that their suffering is less

The impact on families will be very great, for now they can not buy a new pair of shoes, some do not even have to buy food.

For anyone outside the areas of destruction, a pair of shoes can be something insignificant because it is very easy to go and buy them and
release them, but for these families it is a very nice gift as we remember that they sleep in a campaign house without flats and with much cold

Our organization has been working for years with street communities, vulnerable groups and street people. Every year we give them hundreds of stores, shoes and clothes, in December we give toys to children and in November we make a great dinner for dozens of people in street situation

We face many risks when handling the resources of donors, it is also difficult to deliver such a quantity of shoes, however, digital media helps us with online monetary transactions and thus avoid theft, when the shoes are delivered, a large amount of volunteers accompany us and in this way we avoid that the products are lost.

We know that it is often difficult to provide a quantity, however, you can also help sharing this campaign or our social networks so that everyone knows us and can support us

Become an ambassador for our campaign and help us by inviting your friends or relatives to donate and learn about our cause

We are Foundation With your help yes A.C., a group of people who want a better world, helping those who need it most and putting our two cents each day

According to mental health experts, showing compassion can improve our health and our personal relationships. When we help those who suffer, we are happier and optimistic, we feel less alone and have fewer negative thoughts. Without a doubt, being compassionate brings us many benefits

If we love others and look for ways to help them, we will have a good conscience because we will know that we are doing what God wants. And this will make us better parents, husbands and friends. In addition, those who show compassion usually receive help and support when they need it

Taken from: The Watchtower, September 2017