Academy of Empowerment of Teenagers and Pregnant Youth

You have the power to change the world for young Salvadorans!

Asociación Salvadoreña Pro Salud Rural (ASAPROSAR)

Children and Youth

Our story

In El Salvador, girls and adolescents live in conditions of poverty,
lack of opportunities, violence and criminality, often victims of mistreatment
and abuse.

The unemployment rate, access to resources, education and technology
limit the exercise of their economic rights, due to all these factors unwanted
pregnancies at an early age are increasing.

Teen pregnancy and sexual violence are reasons why teenage girls do not
continue their life plans and decide to migrate to seek better living
conditions in other countries.

In El Salvador there are 19,190 cases of adolescents enrolled in the
public health system, there are an average of 11 teenagers and young pregnant
women per day.

The Academy for the Empowerment of Teenagers and Young Pregnant Women
was born to offer an opportunity to low-income girls, having direct action with
adolescent girls and young pregnant women providing attention in: 1)
Self-esteem and Maternity, 2) Early and timely stimulation, 3) Comprehensive
education of sexuality and 4) Leadership and entrepreneurship.

We seek to collect $ 3,000.00 and thanks to your donation you can create
opportunities for 200 teenagers and young people.

In ASAPROSAR we are committed to human development, the recognition of
rights and the improvement of the quality of life of the most vulnerable
communities in El Salvador.

Remember that you can also help us by sharing our project.

You have the power to change the world for young Salvadoreans women’s!



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Great project!!


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With hope for the future



Great work! So much more needs to be done



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