Access to safe water for families of Xochimilco

We will guarantee access to safe water and train the local community in rainwater harvesting.

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Our story

Today, at least 250 thousand people in Mexico City have no connection to the water network. Ironically, as our city suffers more and more shortages, every year billions of liters of rainwater simply go to drainage or cause flooding. It is essential that we learn to take advantage of the largest and most accessible water resource in the city that is currently wasted: rain.


Together we can create a lasting solution for the water crisis!


With your support we’ll be able to install two rainwater harvesting systems: this means access to clean and safe water for two families in Xochimilco. Water security completely changes the dynamics of families, significantly reducing the economic and energetic expenditure that implies carrying pipes to supply water. There are communities where even water must be carried by donkeys so that people can have it at home!


Capturing and taking advantage of rainwater also reduces the flow of water to drainages, mitigating the floods that Mexico City currently suffers and directly benefiting the recovery of aquifers and rivers. Your donation will help train more people in rainwater harvesting, creating agents of change capable of replicating and transmitting this knowledge.


In the International Renewable Resources Institute (IRRI) we undertake sustainable development processes based on programs and projects that comprehensively involve the economic, social, environmental and cultural pillars. Learn more about our work at




Good luck!


Caridad Valenzuela

Excelente iniciativa! Espero poder ir a alguno de sus cursos en el 2019 (el de Diciembre 1 se me complica) Saludos!


Juan Carlos Hernandez Ríos





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