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Acción Latina is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with deep roots in San Francisco’s historically Latino Mission District. From the outset we have sought to empower our community through providing access to media and a platform to showcase creative forms of expression from visual and literary arts to performance and music.

We do this via our three major programs:

1) El Tecolote newspaper – Since 1970, we have produced the Southwest’s longest-running English/Spanish bilingual newspaper, with a bi-weekly circulation of 10,000 copies. El Tecolote is created by volunteers from our community, covers the issues that matter to Latinos in the San Francisco Bay Area and is made always available for free.

2) The Juan R. Fuentes Gallery – We opened our art gallery at the end of 2015 specifically to showcase the work of established and emerging artists, whose work depicts the nuances of Latino life locally, nationally and internationally. The majority of the proceeds from art sold go to the artists, and all gallery events are free to public.

3)  Cultural Arts – Each year we produce a rich assortment of cultural events, which include everything from backyard poetry readings to free community concerts featuring local musicians, to the annual Encuentro del Canto Popular Festival (now in its 36th season), which has celebrated the Latin American tradition of cultural resistance through music since 1982.


Why it Matters

Over the course of nearly five decades, our space has become a cultural hub, a beacon for Latino culture and creativity throughout the San Francisco Bay Area which is located in the symbolic heart of the city’s Latino community. As the tide of gentrification continues to sweep across the Mission District, displacing Latino families from their homes, it is more important than ever that we stand our ground and do all that we can to help preserve the Latino cultural imprint in San Francisco.


Potential Challenges

Latino culture and Latinos across the United States find themselves caught in a kind of cultural backlash at the moment. The current political climate has also seen a steady increase of hostility toward the media, the arts, and the nonprofit world (particularly organizations with a social/community justice orientation). It seems that at the moment practically everything our organization stands for is under fire.


How we’ll put your donations to work:

We are a largely volunteer-based organization, but we need to provide our volunteers with the tools to complete their work on all of our various projects—media equipment, cameras, press-passes, reporter’s notebooks, photo/video editing software, access to printers, wifi and capacity building & training. We need general support funding to keep the gears of our operation moving—to keep our community informed, to train the next generation of Latino journalists, to continue to provide exposure for emerging artists of all kinds, and make sure the vibrancy of Latino culture is not lost in San Francisco and beyond.



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