Support deportation defense during COVID-19

Help us fight increased detention and deportation during COVID-19

Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice


Our story

The constant presence of ICE in our community and the separation of families is a daily occurrence in Alabama, and ICE has not suspended these efforts in the wake of COVID-19.  Not only does this seed distrust in a time when collaboration is desperately needed, but it also increases the risk of spread of the virus through detention centers, which are already operating with minimal medical support. With your help, we can protect immigrants in Alabama who are now facing serious health and economic risks during COVID-19.

We formally launched a 24-hour detention rapid response hotline servicing the Birmingham metro area in August 2019, in partnership with Adelante Worker Center, Greater Birmingham Ministries, and Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama (known as the ICE Breakers Coalition).  Just a few weeks after the launch, one of Adelante’s board members and his 18-year-old son were detained during a check-in with ICE.  Thanks to the volunteer accompanying them, our coalition received immediate news of the detainment and were able to gather over 50 people outside the ICE headquarters for a demonstration that morning.

We work to mobilize volunteers to respond quickly and effectively to ICE raids.

The rapid response network is three-pronged, with volunteers answering calls about ICE activity, volunteers being deployed to sites with reported ICE activity, and volunteers accompanying at-risk immigrants to court appointments and ICE check-ins.

We recognize that rapid response efforts are critical, not just for directly responding to emergencies, but also for providing valuable information to immigrant communities about the patterns and methods of ICE officers in our state.  There are many immigrant families living across Alabama who do not have access to these resources when dealing with ICE.

With your support, we can expand our rapid response network statewide, ensuring that every person in Alabama can get help when they need it. Just $50 can cover the cost of our hotline for an entire month. We are actively recruiting volunteers for hotline operation and verifying, so please visit our volunteer page ( to learn more!

About ACIJ

The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice is a grassroots, statewide network of individuals and organizations that works to advance and defend the rights of immigrants in Alabama. Our coalition consists of five non-profit organizations, and hundreds of individual members.

Our coalition is leading our state to a more equitable and just multi-ethnic, multi-lingual future – building a better Alabama for everyone, from the ground up.

We seek to do this in the following ways:

  • Developing grassroots immigrant leadership;
  • Building transformative alliances with African American communities, people of faith, LGBTQ+ movements, and organized labor;
  • Organizing for comprehensive immigration reform and stopping family separation through deportation;
  • Encouraging civic participation and voter engagement;
  • Transforming Alabama county by county – building alliances and accountability with elected officials, police, service providers and businesses;
  • Advocating for just policies on local, state, and national levels.





Keep up your good work on behalf of the most vulnerable among us!


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