All girls need a toilet

Girls from a town in Lomas Cochabamba – Bolivia need your support!

World Vision Bolivia

Our story

Between 2018 and 2019, World Vision Bolivia (WVB) has been working with the community of Lomas in Cochabamba in the construction of family bathrooms to improve women’s health practices, adequate waste management and above all provides greater security for girls and women who they must travel an average of 45 min each time they need to use the bathroom.

The population highly values ​​this initiative, however, there are families that urgently require similar support and our waiting list is wide and our resources reduced.

WVB provides support with construction inputs and technical training for waste treatment, either with the construction of septic tanks or connection to the public sewer network; in time to improve hygienic practices.

The families contribute with labor and much will. In this framework we ask you to support us to benefit 50 families from our extensive waiting list. Let us share the testimony of Mary who is one of the many girls who face this reality on a daily basis (video)




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