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Our story

If you close your eyes and cover your ears just for a minute, you will find yourself completely isolated, in total silence and darkness. People with deafblindness live this reality and require professional services and specialized method if they are to be not only integrated but included in their communities. However, in Guatemala many of these children receive absolutely no schooling, no specialized sensory services, and no family education or support. Many of these children live in a marginal existence unable to interface with the world around them and bringing additional hardships to their families. Some families resort to what amounts to infanticide, allowing their deafblind child to starve to death rather than endure the stigma, isolation, and lack of resources.   

How we help

At FUNDAL we work directly with these children and their families to combat these issues. Children involved in FUNDAL’s programming receive integral care. We teach the children and their parents tactile sign language, provides physical therapy (many children have physical impediments), and psychological counseling for the families so they feel supported. The children also participate in cultural and social events at our facilities, such as an expo of traditional Guatemalan food held during the celebration of Guatemala’s independence. Children attend classes in a building with an open floor plan and interior windows in nearly all of the classrooms that promote transparency, along with the love and respect all the employees demonstrate in their work.

Join us in our mission for a more inclusive world.

Help us renew these blessings and transform the gratitude into action by respectfully adding to our project of scholarships for children with deafblindness and multiple disabilities. Families pay only what they can for their child to receive FUNDAL’s services. In order to sustain the accessibility of our programs and amplify our impact, we need your help. Sponsoring a child is the most effective way you can make a difference in a child’s life at FUNDAL. If you choose to sponsor a child, you will be paired with one of our students and each year receive updates on their progress.

You can make a single donation here. If you would like to sponsor a child through a recurring donation, please contact Adam Wagner at

What can we achieve together?

  • $20 One physical therapy session
  • $40 Two psychological counseling appointments  $65 Educational services for one student in our distance program for one month
  • $130 Full scholarship for a student in our labor inclusion program (where they learn vocational skills)
  • $415 Full scholarship for one child for a month in our facilities (includes physical therapysign language teaching for child and parentpsychological counseling, cultural and family events at the facility, and other services) 

Who are we?

Founded in 1998, FUNDAL is a nonprofit based in Guatemala dedicated to providing education with a focus on rights to babies, children, and adolescents with deafblindness and multiple disabilities. Currently our educational programs benefit more than 300 students and their families through educational centers in Guatemala City and Quetzaltenango, as well as through our Distance Program that reaches those who are unable to attend our centers. FUNDAL impacts more than 5,000 students with sensory disabilities through our Seed Program that trains 1,000 teachers and professionals annually.   

In our more than 20 years of FUNDAL, we’ve learned to close our eyes, be silent, and feel again. We’ve learned the true blessing of having valuable donors whose support allows small miracles to happen in FUNDAL. FUNDAL is committed to ensuring that every child with deafblindness or multiple disabilities can exercise their right to quality education. We meet 100% of a family’s need in paying for their child to attend so that no one is turned away.




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