Support Persons with Disabilities in the COVID-19 Context

Contribute to improve the quality and expand the coverage of care for children with disabilities.

Fundación Inspiración para el Desarrollo Pleno de Personas con Discapacidades

Children and Youth

Our story

¿Why we create a Foundation aimed at children and/or adolescents with disabilities?

In El Salvador, there are deficiencies in the systems of comprehensive care for people with disabilities, especially in childs and adolescents, which has repercussions in 2 important aspects: a) Parents do not have timely information or tools that can help them allow a process towards the develop of your children. b) The specialized personnel that serves said population do not receive sufficient training or update their knowledge to be able to improve the therapeutic care they provide to the population with disabilities. This has been further complicated by the crisis stemming from COVID-19 as we have detected that therapists have been left without jobs, and some families will no longer be able to pay for the necessary therapies for their children.

¿What do we hope to achieve?

Provide access to 25 childrens to specialized care services with recreational-therapeutic materials and support with expert therapists to improve their well-being and inclusion in social, economic and spiritual life.

This will help achieve two major objectives:

  1. Provide access for childrens with disabilities to specialized care programs to improve their physical, psychosocial, cognitive and sensory development.
  2. We are going to initiate specialized training processes for professionals who currently attend to the population with disabilities to improve their knowledge, therapy processes, dissemination of innovative techniques, etc.

This population with disabilities is the most vulnerable in the current situation, and not continuing their therapy or early stimulation processes would cause severe delays in their development, so our Foundation seeks support so that more childrens can have specialized care ( even at home). In addition, we have identified 6 therapists in language, educational, occupational and physical therapy to support these beneficiary children.

The most important achievement will be to enable girls and boys with disabilities to continue advancing towards their full development.

How else can you help us achieve our work?

You can learn more about our project at

Volunteers are also required.