ascending.. going up!!

ascending.. going up!!

Natural y sustentable, A.C.


Our story


Train people on issues of food production, processing options and feeding, as well as sustainable projects that give them tools to be self-sufficient and competitive, that allows them an extra for their families. In the long term adding to the participants of different workshops, it is possible to create a network of local producers that become suppliers of natural products, free of chemicals and that are duly accredited, satisfying in this way the demand that currently exists in the locality.

We require for your finalization, projector, computer, 5 packages of cement, 3 bundles of putty for finish, chairs, thermal waterproofing, white or beige vinyl paint, plastic containers, router, sewing machine, yarns, frames, scissors for sewing and $ 6500 that will allow us to grant scholarships to 30 families during a year.



Sonvya Duncan

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