Climbing for education

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to improve educational conditions in Guerrero.

Niños en Alegría, A.C.


Our story

Project Overview

One of the determinants of development is access to education, since it can achieve declining equity and reducing poverty.

In Guerrero, the average year of schooling is 7.3 which is the third lowest nationwide.

According to the Inter-American Development Bank, the quality of school infrastructure has a significant influence on learning and it has been shown that schools with the greatest need of students have poor results.

That is why 6 ambassadors of Children in Joy will climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, with the aim of inspiring us to contribute to this cause.

Our Goal

Raise $420,000 MXN ($22,000 USD) to build a classroom in a primary school located in a marginalized area of Acapulco, Guerrero.

This will provide safe, adequate and quality infrastructure to improve student´s academic performance and teacher´s work performance.

In the medium terms, we will be able to increase enrollment and stay in school, contributing to the students being more motivated to continue their studies at secondary level.

Impact of Niños en Alegría

Throughout 14 years of work our programs have benefitted more than 12,000 children, fulfilling 94% success of our objectives.

For every $1 (MXN) that Niños en Alegría invests in its programs, Mexican society benefits from $4.77 (MXN) over the course of a year.

Other Ways to Help

Help us spread the word of our campaign on your social media networks by sharing this link and using the hashtags #NiñosenAlegría #AscensoporlaEducación #Vamospormás #Kilimanjaro

More About Us

Our mission is to improve the educational conditions of children in elementary schools in marginalized areas of Guerrero so that they can develop their educational and social potential to the maximum.



Roberto Shapiro S

Te deseamos mucho éxito en esta gran Aventura. Orquidea y Roberto


American Express

No podemos quedarnos solo viendo, en México necesitamos ser más activos y ayudar a los que más lo necesitan y la educación es la mejor forma.


Richard Miranda

Alejandra, you are a true inspiration for our generation. I wish you the best in your endeavors. From the bottom of my heart. Stay strong and safe. See you soon. Rich Miranda


Alejandro Grimaldi

Mi querida Ale, aqui nuestra contribucion. Un abrazo de Petra y mios. Exito!


Viviana Corcuera

Todo nos parece increíble! El ascenso, la recaudación de fondos para la escuela y que nos mantengas informados!! Maravilloso todo! Estaremos esperando noticias tuyas! Felicidades.


Gabriel Brener




Ricardo Maldonado Yáñez


Elisa Gonzalez Camacho

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