At Las Marías I get the education I need to build a better future

With your donation you help support quality education and a profession to girls from Guatemala’s rural areas

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Guatemala´s rural areas are characterized by their extreme poverty, little access to school and education, and a predominant male chauvinism mentality. This hinders women´s development in education, professional, emotional and intelectual areas. Likewise Guatemala´s rural communities have a high prevalence of teenage pregnancy, paternal abandonment and illiteracy.

Nine years ago Fundavive Guatemala founded Residencia Las Marías, a home in Guatemala city which offers girls from the poorest regions of the country the opportunity of receiving quality education.  At Las Marias besides having the opportunity to attend private schools, universities and technical institutions, the girls recieve proper nutrition, housing, medical services, emotional and spiritual support.  Fifteen  young ladies live now in Las Marias;  the youngest is 11, two are 14, two are 15, two are 16, two are 17, three are 18, one is 19, one is 20 and one attends a school for special children and is around 21.  Las Marias provides a dignified environment full of love and faith at the same time as it offers high standard education. To this day our girls are a reflection of the change that can be achieved through empowering and educating women.  We recognized the sacrifice the girls have made at leaving their families and it fills us with satisfaction to see them reach their goals and dreams they have set for themselves as they discover the opportunities the world has to offer. Donate now and help us promote education for 15 young ladies!!!

Our goal is to raise  $5,000.00 for the Giving Tuesday Challenge. With your support you will ensure that our young ladies continue to receive the opportunity to live in a safe and healthy environment, that they continue to study in quality schools in Guatemala City and for our graduates to continue with their higher education.

100% of the donations will go directly to empower young ladies.

Your donation today will help us achieve this goal!

$20.00 provides school supplies

$100.00 provides school uniforms and shoes for one girl

$150.00 provides one month school tuition for one girl

$1,200.00 provides technical studies for one girl for a semester

$1,500.00 provides college studies for one girl for a semester

$2,030.00 provides funding for food, housing and medicals supplies





Lots of love for this amazing school!


Ximena A


Maria Barillas


Michael C Maready


Gloria Montenegro Chirouze


Paula Bullwinkel


Inés Anleu




Carmen Ruiz


Roberto Bueso


Kevin and Camille

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