New Shelter for Women in Guanajuato Mexico

A shelter for women and their children in Guanajuato is now a reality.

Compassion for the Family/Vida Reavivida Inc

Gender Equality

Our story

Octavia, a native Mexican from the Huichol tribe came to the shelter in the spring of 2016. She had been the victim of domestic violence for 14 years, enduring psychological, economic, sexual and physical violence daily. One day her aggressor decided to do away with her. He bound her hands, put a rope around her neck and ran her behind a horse for an hour. If she had fallen she would have died and according to her aggressor, it would have been her fault. That was it for Octavia. One day, shortly after this incident while her husband, slept Octavia took her five children, with just the clothes on their backs and headed into the wilderness. They spent two weeks hiding in the mountains of northern Nayarit scavenging for something to eat and drink while enduring the cold nights. When the day came for social services to visit the village Octavia saw her opportunity and sought help. Social services immediately contacted us seeking help for the family. The family arrived at our shelter, desperate, hungry, dirty, sick and suffering from internal and external parasites. Safe in the shelter they were given food, clothing, shoes, medical care and psychological care. The children were provided an education, something that they had never had before. Our lawyer obtained protection orders for the family and filed charges against the aggressor. Octavia received job training, life planning assistance and assistance in finding a safe place for the family to live and thrive. In the shelter, the family learned that there are people who love and care for them unconditionally. The family now lives in another state where they have a new life free of violence.

Violence against women is an ever-increasing problem in Mexico. More and more women are being victimized and many killed for simply being women. Shelters for women and their children are indispensable in the prevention of femicides. The state of Guanajuato has experienced a sharp increase in violence during 2019 and in the middle of this surge of violence shelter for women closed due to the lack of government financial assistance.

Our not for profit organization, Vida Reavivida AC is responding to this unfortunate event and will be opening a shelter in Guanajuato in January 2020. We have successfully operated a shelter in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 5 years and we are confident that we can do the same in Guanajuato, but we need your help. There is no government funding available for shelters during the first 1-2 years of operation. The National Network of Shelters and the small expat community in Guanajuato have assisted us in furnishing the shelter. The Justice Center for Women and The Women’s Institute are eager to start sending families to the shelter. We need your help to help cover the operational costs of the shelter for the first 16 months of operation. Our organization has absolutely no overhead. 100% of the funds received are used to cover operational expenses.