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For more than 30 years, Teatro Visión has been making bilingual theater with, for, and about the Latinx community of the Silicon Valley. We believe in theater as a tool for community-building and social change.

We believe that theater participation is empowering, that it promotes the critical thinking, self-confidence, communication, and problem-solving skills that people need to make positive changes in our community. We believe that telling stories through theater promotes community cohesion and cross-cultural understanding.

You can help us turn the stories of our community into powerful new works of Chicanx theater. You can help us make sure that children and adults in our community have access to bilingual theater opportunities. And you can help us make sure that everyone – Latinx and non-Latinx, Spanish-speaking and English-speaking – can afford to come and experience our theater and hear our stories.

Won’t you please join us in ensuring that Latinx voices continue to be heard?

Why it matters:

Accessibility is a core value of Teatro Visión. This means opening up not just our performances but our entire creative process to everyone, overcoming issues like financial hardship and language barriers that can close off many in our community from arts participation. This means that we have to keep our ticket prices low and that we don’t have the same access to wealthy and institutional donors that many mainstream theater companies have. We need the support of donors like you. Every dollar helps!


How We’ll Put Your Donations to Work:

Here’s how your donations can support our work:

$1,000 – Helps us pay the salary of our Artistic Director, the guiding artistic force of Teatro Visión

$300 – Supports one month of office rent and supplies for our staff

$100 – Subsidizes discounted tickets for a deserving family

$50 – Pays for an hour of teaching from our expert bi-lingual artist/instructors

You can also help by sharing our work with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Find us on Facebook @TeatroVision and Twitter @Teatro_Vision to share our voice on social media.

Visit to learn more!



Want to hear about one of our unique programs that your gifts support? NBC Bay Area just posted a great interview with our Artistic Director, Rodrigo García, about Departera, the new play we’re developing from stories gathered from our community here in the Bay Area:

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Marilyn Roaf

from Marilyn and Rico


Pamela Salazar-Schell

Thanks for all your hard work and for being a strong voice all these years!


George F Lopez



Virginia Rivera

I look forward to seeing the new play in fall 2018.


Carlos Velazquez

Carlos Velazquez


Elisa Marina Alvarado




Herminia Ojeda


Mary Helen & Lindi


Elena Snyder


Leigh Henderson


Yolanda Perez


Leigh Henderson

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