Because we love them, we look for them, strengthening the resilience of families of missing persons.

Give me your hand …. help me rebuild my life project

Red de Desaparecidos en Tamaulipas, de pie hasta encontrarlos A. C.

Children and Youth

Our story

“Because we love them we look for them.”

Tamaulipas, a state of Mexico located in the northwestern part of the country, has the first place of missing persons: 10,034 people. That implies that more than 30,000 people are indirect victims of this crime. Mostly the people who are looking for their missing loved ones are women, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, whose effort to locate them is debated among institutions, clandestine graves, mass graves and hospital, care and detention centers.


How do we respond to this humanitarian crisis?

We accompany a young group of daughters of missing persons. We address ambiguous loss through psychological sessions and resilience workshops that strengthen their capacities and help them rebuild life projects free of violence.

We complement therapeutic activities with folk art and dance: girls and young people have found in art a way to channel those emotions that generates the permanent and suspended absence of a loved one.


About us

We are a civil society organization located in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. We work for:

  • Locate and identify missing persons
  • Accompany families victims of disappearance
  • Build the memory of our disappeared in search of justice and truth.

Although we are a young organization, we have 8 years of work in this area, and we have accompanied 1640 families in the search for their missing and achieved the location of 46 people. We believe in the impact on public policy and the visibility of this humanitarian crisis, so we have supported training projects and the empowerment of victims in the knowledge and exercise of their rights, as well as the installation of spaces for dialogue with local and national authorities.

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