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Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia, A.C.


Our story

After 30 years of continuous work, at Cemefi we had an opportunity to grow through an exciting large-scale project: la Casa de la Filantropía y RSE. (The House of Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility.) The construction of our new headquarters for the will help us serve our 5000+ members and of all the people who seek to transform Mexico through work in civil society organizations.


Today, after lots of hard work and determination, construction is 55% complete and we’ll officially open the building in spring 2019. One of the most innovative and important areas within the overall project is the Nonprofit Incubator and you can help us make it a reality.


Why do we need the incubator?

The Nonprofit Incubator will work with new and up-and-coming organizations who have the vision and commitment to develop innovative social impact initiatives, but don’t know where to start.


Cemefi brings a team of experienced, professional advisors to the project: we are looking forward to working with up to 100 new initiatives per year, offering advice and guidance.  However, we need your help to equip the incubator with up-to-date infrastructure and technology if we are to achieve our purpose.


Will you help us? The opening of La Casa is fast approaching and we want the Nonprofit Incubator to begin operating as soon as the doors are open.


How can you help?

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will help us increase innovation in the nonprofit sector in Mexico.  All funds raised will be used to equip the Incubator with the equipment, furniture and digital infrastructure that we need to optimize creativity and team work.


With your help the Incubator will start work as soon as possible. Join our team and we can boost innovation together!