Let’s change the story for girls in Chiapas

Help us boost human values formation and high-quality education for 480 girls and teens in Chiapas, Mexico in low to moderate-income context.


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Our story

The actual situation in Chiapas

Jazmín Alejandra was born and raised in Chiapas. She studied in a Lazos primary school, today she has a degree in nursing, she comments that if her parents had her enrolled in another primary school or a human values formation wasn’t offered in her school, her perspective could have been very different.

Chiapas is the state of Mexico with a higher level of illiteracy, through our formation, our dream is that more girls aspire to reach a university degree so they could have better life opportunities.

For Chiapas´ women, higher education is not an important factor because they marry being very young and it may be considered a bad investment, also only by the fact that they are women their opportunities for development decrease. In Lazos, we work every day to improve this situation, boosting a human values formation and improving the educational quality for girls and teenagers with our educational model, we promote the social development in low to moderate-income communities.

As a non-governmental organization, we are convinced of the importance of generating an integral change in communities, that’s why we work in formative programs focused on parents, where we seek to fortify the link parent-child, knowing that the family continues to be the principal core for optimal development.

Sandra Soto, a Lazos´ mom says: “The workshops of Lazos help me remember my purpose as a mom of two children of being there for them, but also help them have good habits, being coherent of how I think and cat, each day is a challenge, but always for the well being of my children.”

What we expect to accomplish

In Lazos, we want to have more stories like Jazmin, girls, and teenagers that live human values. That honesty, responsibility, perseverance, to name a few represent and become part of their lives. Girls that have access to a high-quality education that gives them tools to have better development opportunities and access to better life quality. Our dream is to have more moms like Sandra, engaged with their children’s education.

We seek to transform five school communities in Chiapas, that every mom, teacher, and girl develop abilities and life forms that encourage a positive change in their families, communities, and Mexico.

Your donation REALLY makes the difference

We are proud to be part of a great community of girls and teenagers that as Jazmin are looking forward to pursuing their dreams and its in our hands to help them with better attention and educational quality to achieve it. Help us to continue to change these lives in Chiapas, Mexico.

What we collect will be destined for the implementation of two of our main programs:

Con Lazos Descubro lo Bueno:  each girl from 1st to 6th grade will receive a human values book to teach them to live the human values on a day to day basis and as a way of living in the modern world.

Mi Portafolio:  each teenager will receive a textbook that all together with an integral accompaniment will develop abilities focused on life, ethic, and citizenship, as well as improve their integration and coexistence within their environment.

Who we are

Lazos is a nongovernmental organization that works and is convinced, thorough 25 years, in boosting educational quality and encourage an education based on human values in low to moderate-income school communities.

We are present in 31 states in Mexico working with more than 130 schools. In Chiapas, we serve 4 primary schools and two high schools providing constant attention to more than 485 girl students of 5 to 16 years old.

Get to know us in www.lazos.org.mx



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