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With “Change the MENU” we want to transform the nutrition of children and families in poverty. Will you help us?

Many mothers awaken daily with the anguish of not knowing if that day they will have a plate of food in their home. In some households they only make one meal a day, which greatly affects the health of the family, especially children who are in the development stage. Not to mention that due to the situation of poverty or extreme poverty in which they find themselves, they rarely include nutritious and varied foods within their menu.

This is the case of María Elena, 23, who prepares for her and her three children, beans and tortillas every day: “Sometimes I would like to give my children something different to eat, maybe milk or chicken, but with $4 a day. What my husband earns is very difficult,”María Elena said.

Just like Elena, there are many other mothers who must choose between food, education, clothing, or make improvements in their home because the income they have is not enough to cover all their needs.


What will the project achieve?

We are convinced that good nutrition is the basis for the development of children in the country that is why we work to support the most vulnerable families, providing accompaniment and strengthening their skills so that they achieve a better quality of life

With “Change my MENU” we want to support families so that they have a better diet and thus reduce cases of malnutrition, this through the monthly delivery of food bags that include rice, beans, pasta, cereals, milk, vitamin drinks and soy products.

In addition to improving the nutrition of children and their families, we also help improve their economic situation as families receive savings in the purchase of their food which they can use for the education of their children.


How can you help?

We want to reach more families, for every $ 50 you guarantee an adequate diet for a family!

In January 2019 we want to deliver a bag of food to 50 families in the community of Xatinap IV in Santa Cruz del Quiché. With a contribution of $ 50 you will be contributing so that a family of scarce resources has access to a decent diet during a whole month!


Why is this important?

  • In Guatemala, 49.8% of children between 3 and 59 months of age show a prevalence of chronic malnutrition (this figure is higher than the average of any other region in the world).
  • 29.1% of pregnant women have anemia, as well as 47.7% of children between 6 and 59 months.
  • A total of one million 272 thousand children are condemned not to reach their physical and intellectual potential. Acute malnourished children total 19 thousand 160, representing 0.7% of children under 5 years of age


Please help us, together we can change their menu!

We invite you to be part of this movement and that together we can “Change the MENU” of many Guatemalan families and with this we will be improving the quality of life and the development of children. Share with your friends and help us spread the word. Find us on Facebook as SOS Children’s Villages Guatemala.

Helping is easier when we join several hearts! – Hermann Gmainer, Founder of SOS Children’s Villages





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