Children rescued from sexual abuse need a library

Children need a Library


Our story


Casa de Santa Hipolita is a charitable non-profit organization created in Mexico in 1990 that helps change the lives of orphans through education. We have two programs:1 “Integral support” and 2  “Learn to use your library”. This last program consists of adapting a space inside orphanages as a study area so children and young people can perform better at school. With this program, 40 libraries have been opened including one for blind children.

Now, we have the mission to help this new house with 25 children and young women who have been rescued from the streets and sexual abuse.

These children need an adapted space inside their orphanage as a safe study area. They can’t go to a normal school because they have to maintain a secret identity to be away from their aggressors. We use the financial resources to buy them books, computers, tablets, printers, and school material that can be used for their studies.

We need $3,000 USD. You can help us to make this happen.