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Our story

The project started from the coexistence we have every day with the children who attend our foundation, from the stories they tell us, which are normal for them, as if all the people lived the same as they do every day, They touched our hearts and we want to help them have a future full of possibilities, providing them with the education they need, it is a project where we want children to have a better life or a better future than they currently have in their homes, giving them hope and dreams in their lives, showing them that they have a whole world ahead of them and that it is their decision to leave their complicated environment.

My team and I care a lot about children, their way of life, their economic scarcity, the few possibilities they have to get ahead by themselves, that’s why we want to give them a door to a better future, because helping is how we build a world better, because we care that the children’s lives are not as bitter as we have perceived them to be.

The objective of the project is to be able to support the foundation’s children in the educational area, providing them with a space where they can take advantage of their time after classes in which they have access to the internet, library, trained personnel to solve doubts. This same to provide an environment away from the tension they live day to day. With the support of your donation, we can provide each child with a space free of abuse, gang persuasion, better educational possibilities, in a safe place they can call home. Your support motivates us to keep going and not give up despite the circumstances in which they may be.

In foundation we have a budget for what is electric power, Internet service payment, equipment cleaning, printing of teaching materials, printing school tasks, the idea is to have services available to children for a year the cost It is approximately $306.66 so the eleven months we work is necessary to have a budget of $3,373.33.

Donations will cover the monthly payment of: 

  1. Internet ($46.66) 
  2. Bookstore material for children ($133.33) 
  3. Monthly computer maintenance 23 computers, two printers. ($53.33) 
  4. The electrical energy consumed . ($73.33)

Our priority is to cover annual supplies so it would cover library material for children, the internet would be the same for their use by the computer workshops and the library area that serves to do their homework.



Hoy es el último día para hacer tu donación, no tardes más los niños dependen de tí.

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Necesitamos tu ayuda!! Apoya a los niños para mejorar su futuro, ayúdales a que nada los detenga, La Meta es El Sol…

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Pare seguir apoyando a los niños en su educación y ayudándolos a tener un lugar donde se sientan felices necesitamos de Tú apoyo ya sea con donaciones o difundiendo nuestro proyecto en tus redes sociales para que así más gente lo conozca y puedan ayudarnos a alcanzar la meta, con un granito de arena podemos colorear el futuro de un niño.

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Los niños en la fundación se sienten a salvo y sobre todo tranquilos, ayudémoslos a que tengan por lo menos un lugar donde se sientan libres del ambiente pesado que tienen en sus casas. Ayudemos a los que más lo necesitan #LatinosGive @HIPGive

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vandria martinez

sigan luchando por nuestra niñez por que lo vale


sofia tzic

vamos fundacion travelone kids que aun hay mucho por recorrer, continúen con la labor que ustedes generaran un cambio fuerte en el país.



I hope you can complete your purpose



Continué with your grate labor. Keep the childs protect.


Diana Palma Lopez



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