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Our story

Immigrant families in communities across New Mexico are working tirelessly to defend themselves against the attacks coming from the Trump administration. They are organizing local campaigns to strengthen sanctuary policies, arming themselves with their civil rights and working to ensure that those who are eligible become U.S. citizens and vote.

In fact, since Trump took office, our state has seen a considerable jump in citizenship applications. Even still, there are nearly 55,000 lawful permanent residents [LPRs] that are eligible to become citizens and 600,000 Latinos that are eligible to vote, over 10% of which are immigrants.

We have the opportunity to work alongside immigrant families in key rural counties to help even more people become U.S. citizens, more people become voter registration agents, more people committed to exercising their right to vote and most importantly even more people working at the local level to increase the electoral and organizing power of immigrants.

That is why Instituto Legal was born.

Instituto Legal is New Mexico’s newest Latino and immigrant-led legal organization who partners with organizations statewide to provide legal training, advocate for immigrant rights, and provide legal assistance to low-income families and immigrants living in rural communities throughout our state.

We can’t do this without you, that is why one of our donors has pledged to match dollar for dollar up to $5,000. That means your donation doubles!

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