Connect with Your Roots Project

We gather 30 Mayan women and/or girls from the metropolitan area to revisit the tradition of weaving.

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Connect with Your Roots Project

The Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Dress seeks that its visitors recognize the value and importance of the Maya textile tradition and appreciate the different traditional attires that are worn in Guatemala.

The Connect with Your Roots Project will work with 30 Maya women and girls who live in the metropolitan area so that they can connect or reconnect with the weaving tradition, which in spite of being part of their rich cultural heritage, they have not learned or have stopped practicing because of different pressures from modern life.

What will we wet from your support?

The women and girls who will benefit from this project will be selected through an interview process. Through the project, they will be consolidating their identity to strengthen the conservation of the Maya textile tradition. The Connect with Your Roots Project will have a positive impact on them and, in the long term, on the community because they will take up a tradition that in time will disappear if it is not practiced. In addition, they will have the opportunity to provide their best products to be sold at the Ixchel Museum’s gift shop.

About Us

In 1977 the Museo Ixchel was formed, taking its name from the Mayan goddess of fertility and weaving in pre-Hispanic times.

In November of 1983, the Museum inaugurated its current building, within the campus of Marroquín University, and space was created and designed for children and education: the Children’s Room Exhibit.

What will we achieve with your support?

The participants will receive a guided tour of the museum’s permanent exhibition Maya clothing through time to learn about the history of this textile tradition.

In addition, they will participate in educational introductory workshops, and receive the necessary materials (threads and loom), classes on the use of the backstrap loom and a refreshment.

The program includes the following weaving steps:

  • unraveling hanks,
  • making the base of
  • the loom or weft,
  • mounting the loom,
  • and single-faced brocade.

In order for the project to achieve its goal, we need to raise $2,700.

What can I gift?

The Maya textile tradition has its origins in pre-Hispanic times and your $90 donation will give a woman or a girl a chance to reconnect with those roots and with the history of their place of origin. In this way, we seek to empower them through their identity and pride in being part of the efforts to preserve and pass on this ancient art.

Each contribution is valuable, we count on yours!!!!

Connect with your roots!!!



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Virginia Godoy Aguilar


Maria Diaz

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