Cosechas de Agua de Lluvia en la Sierra Tarahumara

Our mission is to provide clean water to the people of the Sierra Tarahumara.

Centro de Acopio para la Tarahumara, A.C.

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Summary of the campaign:

About us


In the Sierra Tarahumara in northern Mexico there are several communities of indigenous peoples: Rarámuris, Ódami, Guarojío and Pima. All these peoples are currently in a condition of vulnerability and social inequality. Due to the distances and the elevation of the roads, most of these communities do not have basic services, there is no water, electricity, medical services, schools.

Our work is focused on solving the water problem by giving people the possibility of having access to the vital liquid directly in their homes.

Because it is important for us:

We live in the country of inequality, we have abundance in some areas and lack in many more. Every day we see the migration of thousands of people, abandon their homes in the Sierra to have access to health, education, employment. They do not return to their homes and therefore their customs and languages ​​are gradually lost.
It hurts us to see how hundreds of children, women, men and elderly people get sick commonly by consuming water in terrible condition. Our mission is to solve this problem by installing in the homes systems that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

You support:

With your support, the gap that separates our initiative and the communities with a need for clean water will be shortening more. With your support you will get the necessary material for the construction of Water Collection Systems. Self-employment will be encouraged and work will be provided to technicians from the beneficiary communities.

How will we put your donations in action?

With your donation you will directly support the poorest communities of the Sierra Tarahumara, in the state of Chihuahua. It is thanks to the contribution that you give us that we can buy the necessary material for the construction and installation of Rainwater Harvests.
Many materials are used for construction; in the graph you can see everything that is needed.
In case of not reaching the proposed goal, we will adjust to the budget that you provide us to create only the Rainwater Crop that reaches us. However, we will strive to achieve the goal. Either by this means or by another we will try to help as much as possible.


Why it matters:

How long can we live without water? Few days. Now imagine an immense group of people who daily struggle to have access to a small portion of water. That is the reality of the Sierra Tarahumara.

We have been working continuously for 14 years, which supports us in our work and in our mission. We have all the necessary regulatory documents that our country requires, we can issue tax deductible documents internationally.

Our mission is totally coherent and applicable.

Potential challenges:

We know the risks that we face daily: insecurity, presence of organized crime in the mountain areas. The fear dissipates as soon as we see the benefits and joy in the people who receive the Rainwater Harvests.

Currently our message is disseminated through social networks; Several people will be very interested in the project. We would like that if it is your will you will support us with a like in our social networks, in all of us you will find us as a Collection Center for the Tarahuara.

About our organization:

Since the beginning of the Association, our priority has always been the most marginalized areas of the Sierra Tarahumara; We originally started as a food bank, currently we continue to provide food to shelters, hospitals and schools, a task that complements our work with the installation of Cosechas.

From 2006 to date we have installed Water Harvests with which we have provided rarámuris and mestizos in conditions of extreme poverty, a better quality of life. Our work is carried out, mainly, in the municipalities of Guachochi, Guadalupe and Calvo, Carichi, Bocoyna and Urique in the State of Chihuahua.



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